Goliath good tips anyone?

I have played most of my monster game as a Kraken. Now, I would like to play as a Goliath to renew the “play as monster” interest of the game. I have almost never played it and when i did, it was vs low lvl players.

Are some good players willing to share how to play good as a Goliath (detailed working strategy, which abilities to take, perk etc…) ?

Thanks guys.

Well I’m happy to say that I came across this post as I am one of the best Goliath players in the scene. Here’s all you have to do. The harder you hit your space bar the farther you will go. I have some head injuries due to this fact, but if you want to win this is a MUST. I use my forehead for more power, so smash your forehead on the space bar for maximum range. I win every game.


I can’t help myself sometimes, my inner troll takes over, I’m sorry.


Jump from high places for more distance.
Combo moves like Leap Smash and Charge.
Focus someone into a corner.
Don’t listen to the guy above me.

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Perk: Eating Speed (rapid evolves, and allows you to make quick back to back engagements because you can armour up quick, if you’re real good, you can pull of these fantastic 1:30 or less evolves, stage one engagements for hunters DENIED. Fastest I ever done it was 30 secs, ALWAYS LOOK FOR MAMMOTH BIRD HERDS <3, they are a godsend)
-Or your personal preference

Stage 1: 2 rock throw, 1 leap smash

Stage 2: 3 Rock throw, 2 Leap smash, 1 fire breath

Stage 3: 3 Rock Throw, 3 Leap Smash, 2 Fire Breath, 1 Charge

You want to fight in places preferably with short sightlines to cut off team support to each as much as possible

If you’re feeling alittle risky, take areas that have hightops that the hunters think they can just sit on all safe and smug, never before shall you see sooo many hunters straggling up and down them, wasting precous fuel. All the while they are perfectly set up for a beeeutiful rock throw or leap-wall-smash

Leaping between them is a great way to waste valuable dome time as hopping over them then falling off cliffside require hunters to follow you, wasting more precious jetpack fuel.

(the catacomic area on the top right side of the map in medlab works wonders, just watch out for hyde grenades at the area below. TONS of twists and turns down below with a nice flatbed up top to quickly sprint to the other side of the catacombs)

Ignore ANYTHING else that people will tell you when I say this:

Always leap smash before rock throw, because unless there at full health, they WILL go down flat, and maybe I’m just crazy, but I feel as though the animation for rock throw chucks the rock much faster

Take charge for Stage 3 because you’ll want to close the distance on fleeing hunters alot because you’ll clip your traversal a crapton…

Oh god you’ll have to get used to wasted traversals at times when Goliath stubbs his pinky toe on the tiniest of shrubs…

But HEY that’s just my way of playing good ol’ Goliath

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Isn’t this a glitch?

ssshhh don’t say that too loud, someone high up might hear it…

Soo you’re aware it’s a glitch and choose to willingly exploit it anyway?

May I ask why?

I always though it makes sense, because when he smashes into the ground with leap smash, he is already close enough to the ground to pull out a rock, so the animation is shorter… I view it as a combo, but if it’s confirmed a glitch, then eh… Good hunters can easily avoid it. It helps Goliath a lot with how strong hunters getting these days.I can live without it though if does get remove, but I do like using it. haha.

Nah not really, I just always had a feeling that he chucks the rock faster than without a leap smash prior

Again, just a feeling, for all I know I’m just seeing things.

doesn’t badger say below what the thing is? Doesn’t sound like he’s specifying any “exploit”

Perk: Damage Bonus

Stage one:
1 leap smash
1 charge
1 fire or 1 rock. I prefer fire so I can farm a herd of wildlife, but rock works well for keeping the hunters especially that cocky assault, on their toes during a chase. Don’t fight at stage one unless you are sure the hunter team is not that good… usually the medic and out-heal most stage one damage, unless you put more than one point in a skill, but then you will be lacking one other ability for utility, and I feel Goliath has to have the utility.

Forget about sneaking right at the beginning, regardless of what rapper there is. Just run to a spot where this some food, preferably mammoth birds. If you sneak right away, you will be wasting time, because bird will give away your position. Eat up, get birds, and keep eating until you hear the drop ship and count off the 30 second head start. If you just recently got birds, you can then sneak, unless if there is Daisy, then I wouldn’t sneak unless you were trying to juke a trapper or other

Stage 1 dome? Just hide behind something and run to the other side of the dome when a damage dealer like assault or support come up. Running the dome constantly also can work. To get to stage two, you have either get domed stage one, and once it goes down, getting at least 200 meters of distance and Evolve, or you can bait the trapper to one area by engaging a hunter, and keeping spamming sniff until the trapper is nearby… Once they are nearby use all your traversals as well as leap smash and charge to get get to the opposite side of the map. This should be able to give you enough distance to evolve without getting domed, but it’s not guaranteed. If you don’t get domed while evolving, once you finish hit sniff and check for the trapper,i if you see the trapper close-by, immediately use a traversal to go in a different direction.

stage 2: All my points go into rock throw so the build is 3 rock throw, 1 leap smash, 1 charge, 1 fire. At stage 2 don’t just go looking for a brawl, run for a bit and assess the hunters and environment. You want to capitalize on a beneficial moment, like a lone hunter. Ambushes are our best best to win a match. I generally ambush the trapper when they come around a corner. If not trapper, than medic or support. You can even do assault, for if the team is far enough, they won’t get there in time if you power through his shield and sneak pounce him, but you run the risk of losing all your armor, and getting domed once the trapper catches up. For the most part if you want to avoid as much damage, down 1-2 hunters and flee, armor up, and set up another attack. I would only try to down all of them if your confident enough in your abilities to take them down, or willing to lose about half health and then going to stage 3. Ambushes are canceled out by a Lazarus for the most part, unless you can ambush Lazarus. Countering Lazarus is up to you to figure it out.

Stage 3: Stage 3 is not always the best option. The hunter generally have a terrain and arena advantage near the relay, and they will abuse it. However, I generally still go to Stage 3, but I have an idea of what their set ups will be like, and losing so many times to some set ups eventually allows you to counter them better, Stage 3 is helpful when there is a Lazarus. Sometimes I feel like best option against him is to not engage until stage three, because your abilities are a lot stronger an you can down hunters faster… That means when Laz goes for a revive, if you catch him with an ability, you can put some pressure on him. Just use fire to pressure, because fire doesn’t stop him from reviving. Again though, stage 3 is risky because of the terrain advantage for the hunters. Most monsters generally advise to not go stage 3 unless you are low on health, and for the most part I agree, even though I usually will go stage 3.
My stage 3 build is: 3 rock, 3 leap smash, 2 fire, 1 charge.
A stage three leap smash is brutal if you can land it. Follow with a rock or charge after leap smash, and you end a hunter quickly if you hit the abilities, and even without “shotgunning” the rock throw, a normal paced rock throw after a leap smash will work fine. You just have to time it rather than use it impatiently.

While being chases in general, don’t panic. Save your traversals and make them think you are out of stamina. Look at the environment and be aware of the trapper at all times. If you have trapper awareness and think about where you are going to leap, you can juke the trapper most of the match, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy, because it is not. Good hunters these days are… frustrating.

Any who that’s pretty much how I play Goliath. Sorry for such a long post… but at least it is somewhat thorough.

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I just entered top 10 global on Xbone with him. Not that it makes me amazing or anything, but just to show I play tons with him.

My perk is always damage reduction, because stage 1 encounters are becoming more and more common. I like to escape the stage 1 dome with full or at least almost full health. Others love damage increase, to me it seems like Goliath is such a powerful monster, it’s pretty easy to down hunters even without increased damage, so long as you chain your abilities together nicely. Another good perk option, and one I am going to experiment with, is feeding speed. As someone else said above, you can fill that evolve meter lightning quick and reach stage 2 before the hunters even know what hit them. That’s a pretty good way to avoid stage 1 encounters. My only worry is that once I hit stage 2, its usefulness is pretty much gone.

Stage 1: Two into fire breath, 1 into leap smash. A lot of people underestimate the amount of damage a good steady stream of fire damage can do. Also, its fucking GREAT for showing you where cloaked enemies are. It also damages over time. You can set a hunter on fire who is low on health and then focus elsewhere. That hunter will run off and die somewhere. One use of a level 2 fire breath can take down a herd of three mammoth birds. It’s an awesome ability for farming wildlife. The leap smash, to be honest, I wish it were more reliable in terms of placement and whether or not the game actually registers it, but man it’s a great tool for scattering hunters and messing up their game plan.

Stage 2: Put a third into fire breath, a second into leap smash, and 1 rock. Some people prefer to go all into leap and fire here, I like to set a point aside for rock. In pub games this is good for killing elites with good buffs. In any game a rock is a devastating attack if you aim it right. The fire breath will be your main damage dealer though.

Stage 3: Finish off rock and leap smash. So you’re now at 3 rock, 3 leap, 3 fire. I used to put at least one into charge, but I have found it doesn’t make much difference in creating space escaping hunters because you almost always get caught on something. And in battle, you can close the distance in superior fashion with a leap smash.

I prefer to sneak around the map whenever possible. Watching out for birds, trying to leave some BS tracks, eating only in areas where I am less likely to bring down RNG bullsh. I try to avoid hunters until stage 2, then armor up, and attack. If I stumble across an elite sloth, I might kill it and try to get some stage 1 strikes. If I see someone is dead or notice a hunter lower on health, I attack no matter what. I like to wait for the trapper to get close and then leap smash to create some chaos. Usually by the time the rest of the team arrives the trapper is at least halfway down. Now support and the medic have something other than me to focus on, so I can either continue focusing the trapper, or go after medic.

Focusing is key with Goliath. If you focus well enough, you can usually get down whatever hunter you want. Obviously this is a lot harder against a great premade squad. I like to fire breath a hunter, then while they are backpedaling, leap smash them. This sends them flying. I then pull out a rock, but rather than throw it at that hunter, I usually like to mix it up and surprise one of the hunters just standing there with a rock to the face. You can really mess with people with the rock. Aim it at one hunter and then throw it quickly at another. Hank users will just sit and shield the hunter you are focusing on whenever they see you holding the rock. Throw it at him instead. Also, you can hold the rock for as long as you want AFAIK. Hunters jet pack around when you pull the rock out. Wait for them to run out of fuel and land, then crush them.

The best way to win a fight with the hunters is to keep them guessing and keep them busy. Knock them all around with rock and leap smash. Use LOS to your advantage. Knock a hunter off the ledge to where Sunny’s shield won’t work, then chase them down and beat them. A lot of Goliath users get too predictable and don’t focus well, this leads to them eating up a ton of damage and not surviving the fight.

I tend to hold off on stage 3 until I have two or three hunters good and striked up.

Since the new Hunters arrived, doming the Monster at stage 1 has never been easier.

You can either pick Feeding Speed or man up and f*ck up those Hunters with 3 points in Rock Throw at stage 1.

That’s what I usually do, anyway. I actively try to avoid domes until stage 2 but if they catch me I’ll just Rock Throw the Trapper without a care in the world.

Stage 1: Rock Throw(3)
Stage 2: Rock Throw(3) + Leap Smash(3)
Stage 3: Rock Throw(3) + Leap Smash(3) + Fire Breath (3)

I’m far from the best Goliath player but the best tactic by far if you ask me is burst damage. As long as you’re the kind of Monster who turns around after hitting full armor to destroy the Hunters before they know what hit 'em, burst damage is the way to go. And nothing says burst damage better than a maxed out Leap Smash to the face followed by a Rock Throw.

On another note, always use your traversals in combat. Many Goliaths suffer from extreme tunnel vision while targeting a Hunter and as such catch an unecessarily high amount of bullets in the back at the same time.
Don’t be afraid to leap around in the arena.

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Quick tips to help you out:




Victory Roar

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When you say your fastest s2 evolution was 30 seconds do you mean on the clock or after the drop ship?

Don’t fight stage one and if you get domed just jump around unless you are alone with the trapper. Whenever i see a Goliath try and fight stage one I think to myself free win.

Max out rock stage three as it is the most damaging ability in the game.

Pretty sure on the clock (I’ll check my clips mayb I have it)

Anything below a 1:00 is usually determined by how lucky I am if come across a mammoth bird herd, not skill.