Goliath glitch or clever tactic?


Not sure if this is the right place for it.

While playing last night, on PC.

Down to our last hunter, the Goliath was coming towards him and then just stopped doing anything but stand there. Our hunter and the monster stood face to face for a little bit, neither doing anything.

We thought it glitched out, maybe allow us to get an easy win, until he attacked the monster. Then he sprung to life and destroyed the last hunter.

So, was it a glitch, or some clever programming to do a Rope-A-Dope?

Here’s the video to show what it did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhzS8AHEAew

If nothing else, it was hilarious. :smile:


That is awesome!


Was it a bot?


Yes, it was a bot


Lmao looks like a glitched out AI goliath to me!


If it’s a glitch, it should be kept. It is pretty funny.


I’m sure it was a glitch too. But it was quite funny.


Lool, lag perhaps?
Noticed him sorta sliding in the “monster wins cam”.


Very possible. It was just me and my brother playing, whom lives a few miles from me, and he was the last one alive.