Goliath get a stealth buff or something?


Yesterday during solo play Goliath was really no problem. Today he is squad wiping in stage 2 with freaking ease. Also had an online game that went the exact same way. Completely annihilated by the Goliath stage 2. Wth is going on?


People are learning mechanics and improving their skills. Things won’t be stable for a little while until people get everything figured out.


I think he’s talking about against AI, since it’s solo play


Oh! Thanks. I didn’t catch that.

The solo play bots are pretty dang good. To the extent of my knowledge, there haven’t been any patches, but I have found that the bot monsters wreck me more often than people do.


I think the BOT monster difficulty is set to HARDish by default or by random ?
Yea, BOT Monsters seems to have more guts to attack me even at level 1 or 2 !


The bots seem mis balanced on solo, if you are Monster, the hunter bots are very active with their skills and coordination; when on of the Hunters the bots don’t use their abilities or coordinate at all while completely ignoring the objective in certain modes (defend)

This is with difficulty in favor of the player team


This could only be me but, solo is actually hard. looool


I WAS doing fine in solo. Now it’s loss, loss, loss, loss. Like wth!!


Me too! I can’t win a game in solo mode!

Just gotta get better