Goliath gameplay



Me Goliath. Me plant medic in ground


Great Game! Goliath was great, Medic did good, Trapper made everything easier with that one sound spike, Assault did okay, Support did that great move of using the orbital strike when he was incapped.


We need more gameplay!


Damn, easy Stage 2 win for the monster. Good sneak attack at the end there.


can anybody point me to a video, and show me how the sound spikes work?
i haven’t seen any extended gameplay of Griffin. Unless, those are the “waves” that i saw on this video…


Yeah, that was an extremely good move with the orbital strike. Support knew he was going down no matter what, and did the best thing he could have with his last action. Another really cool tactic I saw was when the Trapper went down Val healed him, Hank shielded him and Hyde distracted the monster simultaneously; which made it a guaranteed revive even though no one was actually close enough to pick him up.


I noticed Goliath did that special animation where he grabs a hunter and slams them into the ground. I know that’s a context sensitive animation that kicks in if the hunter is about to be downed, but does it work on anyone other than Val? Because I’ve only seen it work on her.


Great gameplay glad you found it i wanted to see more goliath


at 00:56 in the video, is that a banshee mine??.. kraken is lurking around this game as well :wink:


I saw that too. Maybe it was something caused by the Blitz Leopards? They do seem to have some sort of electrical effect.


maybe! i just thought it was the fabled “blue poop”, some one put us out of our misery!


Hmmmm, looks like it’s a graphical glitch. Notice how the Goliath walked through it and didn’t take any damage? At least, if it was from an animal then he would have taken damage.

Maybe it stayed there somehow from a previous match on the same map, I suppose?


Say, I spotted Griffin shooting at a sloth with his harpoon gun. Do the harpoons actually do damage, or are they just there as a snare for the monster? Will it hurt the wildlife if you shoot them with a harpoon?


Griffins harpoon gun does damage too


i think Griffon’s harpoons do damage as he is the aggressive hunter and only has one shot to hold down the monster, contrasting Maggie’s many harpoons that are placed on a tactical/defensive basis…??


Damnable xenos! Well get him next time men! Sorry, i just cant cheer for a monster win…


You rang…?


If that was directed to me, i cant see the image


Bit of a mess up with the hotlinking there. Don’t worry, just click the image and you should be able to see it. :smile: