Goliath fire breath aim idea! (It's crazy)


When you hold down the fire breath button, instead it doing a normal fire breath, goliat agh will breath out a giant fire ball like a mix between behemoths lava bomb and wraiths aftershock, doing a large radius damage. If you just press the normal button instead of holding it, it would just be the average fire breath.
If this was made, the normal fire breath will be nerfed and the fireball will be stronger and will have a longer range and radius.
Just a thought and I don’t expect it to work. I just like goliath😀
What are your thoughts?


I actually think a better idea would have Fire Breathe be like Banshee mines,
Instead of it being a single press to use, you drain it while using it up, sorta like in the startup cinematic.
Thatd be awesome


Sounds pretty cool to me. It really makes me think about the missed opportunity for every monster to have an alternate way to attack with at least 1 ability; that way the hunters couldn’t predict a monster’s next move as easily.

But considering how bugs from release are still present in the game, I would say we’ll never see any new attacks for the monsters.


I really like this idea, but I also feel like it might be overpowered, because let’s play devil’s advocate!

If you manage your fire too well (click on, spit, click off), you could keep some hunters on fire forever, not to mention completely nullify cloak since they’re on fire. This does require you to be able to keep track of them a little better, but toggling fire every now and then I feel would stack up to be a lot of free bonus damage ticking away in the background. Like having a Caira on your team just tickling their health down (in addition to giant, flaming boulders, bone-shattering leaps…)