Goliath evolution chart


Recently found this chart displaying Goliath’s three evolutions. Enjoy compadre’s


Nice I rember seeing that when I started looking at Evolve, but the final form was blacked out nice find


wonder if theyre going to or have made a kraken growth chart and ect ect for the remaining monsters


Stage 1 Goliath is so cute. I just wanna cuddle with him and feed him crickets.


That’s not gonna make it evolve to Stage 3 though! :frowning:


Stage 1 Goliath can’t help but look so adorable next to his evolutions lol. Can’t believe I didn’t realize how tiny it was compared to the other stages.


and yet he is still way bigger than humans at stage 1 lol.


We haven’t had many high quality videos of a stage 3 Goliath yet either. Hope we do! Or you could just give me Alpha, that’d shut me up. :wink:



There we go, there’s your Alpha! :smiley:


I hope so, I’d like to see how Kraken changes in each stage