Goliath Evolution bug

Hello! This is my first time making a topic, so sorry if I messed up somewhere.

I wasn’t sure what to name this since it’s kind of a weird bug, but I just got out of a match where I was playing as Goliath on Weather Control, I had gotten the Sloth buff and upon evolving to stage 2, I lost my hud (Didn’t return even upon death), I couldn’t choose new abilities, and could not do anything besides walk, eat, crouch, jump, and smell upon exiting the cocoon. (Though not being able to kill anything meant I could not eat to see if it would have fixed itself upon evolving a second time.)
Oh, and the hunter team was Laz, Cabot, Maggie, and Hyde. (Not sure if that actually helps but just in case!)

I have gotten a lot of stage 2 evolution bugs lately, but this is the first one I haven’t seen on the forums before so I thought I should say something.

I forgot that I screen capped it, so here’s a picture showing how all but the evolution meter disappeared. (It went away normally) This is on PC.


You did everything correctly.

I think this bug has been reported before, but it’s good to bring it up again so the devs know it’s still around and still requires fixing.

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Alright; thanks for the quick response. :grin:

You mean, your abilities disappear?

It used to be fixed by going into bot mode, and exiting… but there is no bot mode in hunt mode…

I went to evolve, my hud disappeared completely, and after the animation finished I could not do anything but the above mentioned things, so yep! I couldn’t even climb. LD

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I think this bug has been reported before. But I’m not 100% sure though

[Repeat] Abilities disappear

Different bug bro :smile:

I think it’s related, maybe the bug evolved


Maybe its just evil

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