Goliath Elite Skin is a Christmas tree


So here is the Elite skin for Goliath… but Stage 3 full armored… Spoiler though:

Is that shiny or what?

edit: I would hide it as spoiler in order to not… spoil your experience but IDK how you do those things…
edit: ok got it…


I have no idea why but Rudolph the red nose reindeer came to mind. I started humming it, I felt ashamed cause my wife was staring at me like "Wtf?

Nice looking skin though. It’s very bright and easily seen. That can be a short fall for some.


You can’t really see the skin that well because of the glow,
But it’s a cool skin regardless imo.


That is the Elite skin? I thought the Albino skin was Elite?


It is the albino one. I got the surprise to see it become a Christmas tree once I evolved Stage 3 and built armor…


Oh. 10 chars.


What about this?


Yep that’s the one. Same one.


You didn’t have to blur it out its not really a spoiler


I barely see the resemblance…



Ya its that on but the glow is just alot more noticable when you have full armor compared to the other skins including base


I would blur your face!


Oh i see now.


Lolwut I don’t even… What?


Is that just a trait of elite skins? Does the Kraken elite glow too?


The normal skins glow as well


Monster glows when its full armor to become more visible for the hunters.


Never seen mine look quite like that before. XD


I think it’s a lot more noticeable for the elite skins