Goliath Doesn't Feel Viable



The wiki pages you just linked say they both have the same cool downs in combat. And the impact damage of each of the abilities is only lower by ~100 (less on most of them) and with faster casting times, longer durations, and DoT that adds an extra 40-50 damage on each of them, Meteor Goliath is just better.

OG doing more direct damage and MG dealing more DoT is exactly what they wanted to do, but in game the stats are just too similar in damage and CD.


Meaty’s DoTs aren’t even that strong. They don’t really raise his damage up to par with Goliath’s burst.


Have you guys really played Meteor Goliath then regular Goliath then back, alternatively for like 5+ games? I know I have and heck, Meteor Goliath’s rock throw is like a pebble compared to Regular Gol’s massive boulder. Against teams with constant healing such as Rogue Val or even Tech Sgt Hank, Meteor Gol’s damage is mitigated by a much larger percentage than a regular Goliath’s. Meteor Goliath gets cockblocked on his damage easily easily because of his low burst combined with the fact that most forms of damage mitigation (heals/shields) will render his measly DoT useless. Sure Meteor would do better against a team with Cabot/Kala and Caira/Emet, but that does not makes him overpowered compared to regular Goliath. In fact I would say that I’d take regular Goliath against an unknown hunter lineup just because regular Goliath is much more reliable.

The extra range on leap smash and charge are marginally useful in situations where you need to run from hunters after a dome expires. If you’re fighting in the right areas of the map (enclosed chokes, caves) the extra range on these skills hardly make a big difference.

Also remember that Meteor’s DoT does not stack, meaning if u chain abilities on one hunter, you’re merely refreshing the DoT on him with each consecutive ability, which yet again, reduces his damage efficiency by a large amount.


They’re both a little meh right now.

I believe @deanimate, Goliath player by heart, has switched to Meaty for now.
Might’ve something to do with the fact that Goliath’s original advantage over Meaty (shorter cooldown times) is no longer the case. Or at least not as much as it used to be.

I play both Goliath variants and when in combat I really don’t feel like Meaty is suffering from longer cooldowns than Goliath does.


They are a bit meh, yes.

Yeah I have switched. Cooldowns are now the same for both (certainly in combat anyway), meaty’s burst is very slightly lower then OG but he then has some afterburn so damage wise is definitely better.

They gutted OG too much. He lost his burst, his rock is like underarming a duck into a pile of feathers and his fire could do with a bit more range.

I know they’re trying to create a difference between the two but if OG is going to have a rubbish rock then christ on a horse he needs his burst back.


OG goliath was better in every way before the update. Since stage 2, meteor is better. Why ? Because the DOT is absolutely insane and all his abilties have better radius, it really is noticable. Rock have better radius on meaty, charge aswell (so hard to dodge compared to OG). OG is my go-to monster since forever and I can tell there is a huge difference between him and meaty right now. It always been like that cause meaty was so crap in legacy, now its the complete opposite even tho I keep playing OG goliath in stage 2, no reason to tryhard in pubs, he does the job fine here. A LOT of people think meaty is a better version of goliath now and I can’t agree more.


Be sure to come back and give us your opinion on “poison goliath” then !


Just gonna point out that I disagree with this, though I do believe that both Goliaths are a little weak right now.


As a Newbie hunter looking in. I don’t find Meteo that much more damaging than OG. If anything, i feel like he’s a weaker monster in terms of defense and damage output.


obviously, they are meant to be equal but different. its just that the numbers are wrong


Well, sunny has been nerfed.


With Sunny being Nerfed I expect to see a lot more Goliath play, so that is good. But, I still feel there should be a bit more difference in their numbers


I run Meaty over OG all the time, I run Damage Increase so the DOT has some pep in its step while I handle the other hunters altogether. OG is stronger than Meaty in a way but I’d rather take constant damage over accuracy any day. Compare that to EMET’s healing bouys, he’s superior to every medic, although every other medic is good in their own way, he’s superior.


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