Goliath Doesn't Feel Viable



Right now, it is well known that M Goliath is just inherently better that OG. But while I would like to believe they are both still good to use, the simple answer is one of them feels like its not.

Goliath is a brawler meant to get up in people’s faces and burst them down, unlike Meaty who is meant to deal sustained damage that overwhelms the Support and Medic. The issue is, that he isn’t able to burst people down, nor the range needed to sustain damage to keep up with Hunters. Now, good players know how to work around this, using Charge to single out Hunters, put them in kill boxes, etc. But there is one Hunter (currently in the free rotation) that just makes Goliath unplayable.


Sunny is just too able to completely shut down Monsters that don’t have a high focus on ranged abilities (which is all of them but OG). Her drones do not die in one hit like the Healing Bug from Slim, the Healing Bouys from EMET, or Bucket’s turrets, they have tremendous range (which Goliath does not) and they can be rebuilt as soon as they are destroyed.
So, as it stands right now, Goliath cannot and should not be used because he is just not able to effectively compete with Sunny at all. As soon as Sunny is picked, the game is no longer about fighting, its about Goliath desperately trying to chase Sunny down to destroy all of her drones, which isn’t possible because the moment one is destroyed there is another somewhere else, and you cant kill Sunny herself, because if you let the drone live it will shield her for too much for Goliath to handle, and if you go for the drones, Sunny is already back to full health when you turn around to target her again, plus, as I said, there is now already another drone.

Now, I love Goliath, I love the way he plays, I love his animations, the roar, all of it is great. But he just cant be played so long as Sunny is as powerful as she is.

If I had to come up with a way to balance it, I would say nerf the hell out of Sunny. Make the drone’s CD not start until its been destroyed, give it some kind of range I don’t care what so long as it cant shield from across the dome anymore, and make it die faster like every other drone in this game.

And I know what somebody is gonna say, “just use your flame breath to burn the drones.” And that works, sometimes, but if its more than 20 ft away from you the fire doesn’t reach it, using a rock throw spends half of your burst damage on a DRONE, and spending time to actively go over and break it allows Sunny to be all healed up again, placing a new one as the old one pops.


Almost no point in reading the rest when starting off with this…


Nope, a brawler type is usually the one that fights for longer time, not a burst type. Brawler fights for prolonged time and eventually wins with his durability and sustained damage.


Meteor Goliath is better. :smiley: he does almost the same damage and the Rest is Dot. He also have the smoother movement (jump /leap further ect)


Everyone is agreeing that Meaty is better than Goliath. And that shouldnt be a thing. No Monster should just be better than another, and they should both be good but different.


And yes, a brawler is someone who is that, but it is a known fact that Goliath is a brawler with burst.


Try using Hunger perk for bronze and then silver/gold with Damage reduction. That’s how I use him. Had a 10 streak like that yesterday.


That’s what I run, but the perks aren’t the issue. Its that when Sunny is picked as a Hunter, its usually an automatic loss for Goliath


i don’t find either of them easy. almost impossible infact. i feel their abilities are lacking in direct impact, and only serve as easily dodged damage spouts. I’m probably just bad as i used to sneak around alot back in the day, but we all know we can’t do That anymore. :unamused:


How much you want to bet that these people are the same people that type, “WRAITH OP PLZ NERF!!!” when they play against her, but when they play as her, “WRAITH UP PLZ BUFF!!!”? I’m pretty sure I’m going to win because it’s at least the majority.


Sunny definitely is a tough hunter to take down, but that’s where you need to fight and try to make them do mistakes. It usually takes a monster to go around something (if you’ve managed to pick a good dome location) and try to isolate a guy/girl there, away from Sunny’s shield bot.

Or you can destroy the shield bot and try your luck there, the bot has to charge up some time before it can shoot shields out, but generally speaking, you have to try to fight the hunter where he/she cannot be shielded by the bot (positioning/isolating).

Also, if the dome is good for you, there won’t be higher ledges where Sunny can place her shield bot and you can probably just ram through the hunters while taking down the shield bot. If it’s on a ledge, consider using your fire on it.

But the thing is, the game requires you to make things challenging for hunters so that they make mistakes themselves. The only way to win (sometimes too hard even with them making repeated mistakes). If you make mistakes, say good bye to a win.


Have you tried running double melee poison attacks ?
It increases incredibly well its burst damage !


I have actually not tried that. Ill be sure to give it a shot.

That’s the issue, there is no punishment for Sunny’s bot getting destroyed bar it has to charge up again. As Goliath though, besides the Dome’s location, the Hunters are in complete control of where the fight happens inside it. If you move to a more advantageous spot, the Hunters can just play the waiting game because time still ticks down inside dome, and the Monster is the only one worried about that.


What? How about your armor recharging and you not losing any health?


They are healing up during that time as well, but even with full armor, if you go back into the fight you cant kill any of them either because of Sunny. Between her Jetpack Boost and Drone, Goliath is helpless against her.


That’s why you don’t go into a fight on their location and just wait for them to come to you. Timing out a dome is in your favour, not their.


Consensus does not equal fact. “Everyone” is wrong; Goliath is spammier than Meaty, and this gives him a leg up.


Meteor is superior to regular Goliath. The range on his charge and leap make him faster, the fire breath range is insane, his dots give him a higher damage value, and his cool downs seem the same if not shorter.

Dont get me wrong, Goliath is still good. But he requires more work then meteor.


On paper, yes, in practice, no. The CD difference isn’t enough to make a difference, because Meteor Goliath’s abilities have longer duration and he is faster/jumps farther. Coupled with having nearly the same impact damage, Meteor Goliaths DoTs give him the higher damage output. So, really Meaty is just better.


Meteor Golaith’s abilities do considerably less damage and have a longer cooldown in exchange for DoT and distance in his traversal, Leap Smash and Charge. His Flamebreath lasts longer and his Rock Throw is faster.

So OG can hit harder with his abilities and do them more often, meaning he’s better for attacking a single target and incapping them quickly, MG abilities allow him to spread out his damage and do so more consistently meaning he’s more likely to take out multiple hunters but they will take longer to get incapped