Goliath death grab animation on hunter


When goliath incaps a hunter there’s a chance, think it’s just if a melee removes the last bit of their health, that he does this animation where he holds the hunter up high as if to say “take that, i have killed you”. Now this is all fine and dandy for more casual play type stuff. If however you’re in a tournament and the game is razor close, you get a kill but mortars are literally about to hit or lennox is coming in with a x4 stack and you need to jump away NOW.
Oh hang on let me just celebrate my strike…and possibly lose the match due to this. Mint.

Can this be on the list of things to have a quick look at and change in some way or ideally remove altogether?



You can jump while that animation is going.


Nope. Maybe sometimes but not always


Then this might be a bug. I’ve always been able to jump.


@Crowdalra is right, you can definitely move around/leap when in a slam pose. I believe every monster has this position.


Nope, he’s wrong. Just recorded a video of me melee attacking some hunters to get the strike and then hammering the space bar to traverse. Nothing happens, I have to wait out the damn animation.


You shouldn’t have to.


Don’t what to tell you. That’s how it works.


I’ve never, let me repeat, never not been able to jump or move.


Maybe it’s different on PS4 to PC. Can you record some video of you getting this animation a few times and then traversing?


Yeah, It’s gonna be awhile though.


I’m on PC and I can still traverse/use an ability to cancel this animation, although I have had matches where it pulls an “Lol, no”, although those were matches with bad connection where abilities took 3.5 years to activate, then another 9 centuries to execute, so


Are you on XBone? Because so am I.


Hes on PC.


When I just tested it I did a leap by mistake which bypassed the animation but it’s traversals I’m talking about. Can you record some footage of this?


I’m currently unable to, PC is in the shop for repairs, but I could ask a friend to.


You can skip that?




Try it. I’d like to see if anyone else can or if it’s the same as with me


To be honest I think I’ve tried many times in the past and failed and as such never bothered trying to spam traversals during the animation ever since.

On the rare occasion that I finished a Hunter off with melee instead of a Rock Throw or Leap Smash, I don’t believe I was able to jump out of it.
I’ll obviously try it out when I get home to see if I’ve been a total dipshit all this time.

It has cost me some precious health in the past. Nailed to the ground for 1 extra sec can make a big difference.


Exactly. Could be the difference between not eating a good chunk of an Orbital.