Goliath Criticism


I think Goliath has a bit too much unimportant over-stylization going on.

Probably due to how development and how he had to be a bit of a wild card in case abilities didn’t work out…but you still wanted him to be cool and unique.

Looking at the Kraken, and Goliath side by side the contrast between focused concept, and Goliath is maybe a bit too stark.

Obviously Goliath functionally had to be sort of an every-man…monster, but maybe changing his color scheme a bit could maybe make the patterns in his skin read a little clearer and emphasize the bits of his body that seem to mis-match a little…so that they kind of read clearer.

The spikes and body sorta match really well as far as monsters go, but then you’ve got the spikey bits in the face and the chitin and a sort of bug like vibe going, and the mouth finger-bits…gets a bit confusing visually.

The cool parts of the neck aren’t really done throughout and I think they’re probably some of the coolest bits of em…maybe too much work to go back and fiddle with, but maybe changing the contrast to be a bit more vibrant around the neck would make it cooler…sorta a plumage vibe…and make sense as being more visually interesting and higher contrast.


Am I the only one who prefers Goliath than Kraken? From viewing gameplays I just enjoyed looking at Goliath more than Kraken. Goliath feels like a BADASS, for me Kraken doesn’t.


I just asked my girlfriend what she thinks both these monsters would do and act like, and she said kraken looks menacing because it has a sense of intelligence to it. Her opinion on Goliath was that he looked angry and that he looked kind of unpredictable, which I didn’t expect but I think he totally gives off that unpredictable vibe.
So I think Turtle Rock have created some monsters that represent exactly what they’re meant to. I love both designs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ya its hard to describe what I’m trying to get at.

Its just a gut check thing, Kraken passes, and Goliath doesn’t and I’m trying to describe whats messing me up on em.

I think pose and color choices helps a lot with reading the emotion they’re going after…so I don’t think your friends wrong at all.

Its not like I’m saying they’ve made Barney when they want Godzilla :slight_smile:


Nope. Goliath is my main squeeze. I just love him to bits. They’re both well done, I believe, but Goliath really has that brute force look to him.


I think I know what you mean. Luckily, I think it’s only a problem with the still images of Goliath. In game, when Goliath gets full armor or acquires certain perks, his body will glow red through his skin. It looks really cool, and I think it really pulls his whole look together.


I haven’t had chance to play, but I feel I would be able to use Goliath more effectively and I like the look of him and his abilities more than the kraken though I can see Kraken being better in some situations, but as the Kraken I think I would get spotted flying a bit too much if I flew around the maps.


Exactly. Melee should just be super thing in this game. I pretty much believe I will enjoy Goliath more.


There’s skins for the monsters so I guess that can change contrast, but I like goliath way more than Kraken because he looks and acts more like a a crazy uncontrolled monster


Actually most people prefer goliath.And also Goliath in-game looks like a beast while Kraken…Is a bit weird :smiley: .


You know… from the perspective of…well duh, but he moves and when he moves this all meshes in a way that you can’t blah blah blah… is probably very good criticism of what my guts feeling.

Its not like he isn’t cool in game.

I’ll have to check if he looks better in motion.


Kraken seems a bit…strange while he is moving while Goliath is a proper beast roaming around.But maybe that’s the point of Kraken with all those tentacles and stuff ;p


he does look better in motion, I like his glowing skin and that he looks more beast than kraken. Seeing what the kraken looks like in game I can only think of at moment is the lightning sound from lightning strike and when it flies all the lightning coming from it.


Personally I love the Goliath. I see him as the quintessential monster - it has all the first to mind qualities: big, strong, claws, teeth, fast, breaths fire. I’ve been working on a costume design for him actually, and have come to appreciate the subtle asymmetries and details that make it more ferocious. Its core design may be simple, but it is also elegant. I believe it fits its role perfectly.


Goliath will always be my first love. :heart:


I love how Goliath looks. When he evolves to the next level it’s like his body is struggling to contain the raging fire within.


I understand your predicament. I was also worried about the “texture” of Goliath’s skin compared to Kraken, but after thoroughly viewing both after playing as and against, I can assure you that it’s not an issue. Goliath’s back skin looks very hard, like solid rock, and the front is a mix of scale-leather and skin intertwined, while the head is very smooth but bone looking (like a triceratops head). A lot of the pictures I see don’t give an acurate representation (I found one but I can’t figure out how to post it), but I can tell you the detail isn’t a problem.

I think the main issue is that Kraken has far bigger scale-leather pads in comparison that cover it’s whole body, aside from the spine looking protrusions on the neck to tail, plus forearms. It’s features are easier to see from a distance.


Hopefully this will quell any criticism about the Goliath.


Many thanks! The stage 2 Goliath picture is what I was going to post.


I love the Goliath design, though his tail does seem like a bit of a vestigial organ.

I think this can be added to the 3 ___ howling at the moon meme. Put it on a shirt and it will sell :smile: