Goliath collision issues?


I know there are already a few threads regarding this, but this is a bit of a different issue. I also posted a comment on another thread, but it got little attention.

(This was on PC)
I was Goliath Stage 3 on Fusion Plant; 3 minutes remaining. At some point in time, my collision bugged out, and I wasn’t able to climb most walls, my jumps were odd, and I boosted forward if I used attacks in certain ways. I also wasn’t able to get inside the Fusion Plant itself (I had killed everyone but Support, who was hiding inside the building, ironically). My attacks were also kind of lagging around, and after the match, the hunter team told me that I appeared to be hovering and glitching around, so it wasn’t just me.

To describe the wall thing, I got the circle with a slash through it on my crosshair, as it appears sometimes when the monster is in front of walls he can’t climb.

I don’t know if this is related to the boosting issues people have been reporting, that have something to do with running into a wall…but I felt this was game-breaking enough to make a thread over. Sorry I didn’t get any screenshots or video recordings of this, I was in the heat of the moment, trying to figure out a way to win this, amidst this bug, lol.

(This is just an inference, but I assume that this has some relation to the previously mentioned wall boosting glitch.) If you guys (devs) are already working on this type of thing; fantastic, I wish you luck in solving this. Debugging can be quite a tedious process.

Edit: thought it’d be prudent to directly request help. @MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper


I encountered this issue on the new Armory map. Here’s a link to the post where I described it; what I thought had been an invisible wall could have been collision with the place I was trying to walk out - but that would be some REALLY bad collision issues!

Link: https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/first-game-monster-stuck-by-invisible-walls

I’m glad to see someone else posting the same kind of issue; raises awareness beyond it being a one-off thing to something the devs can say is more widespread and worth looking into.


Unrelated, but I initially read that as " Goliath Collusion issues ". I instantly thought up this whole narrative about Goliath players having an insider on the hunter team and whatnot. How disappointed I am.

But yeah, I’ve seen the boosting happen too. It’s weird.


@SpookedNomad lol that’d be a fun story; not sure what it’d be doing in the Bugs section though hah.

@Wrecker Your post sounds very similar to what I was going through. Persisting Trapper traps might be related to this, but my issue was more related to simply being blocked out of areas. I could walk around the outside of the Fusion Plant fairly easily. Maybe my hitbox was misaligned…Yeah, that actually sounds plausible.


Where my problem occurred on Armory, the only way back to the rest of the map is through some large-ish archways. If my hitbox was messed up, it could have prevented me from going that way… it’s possible.


I’m not sure how a hitbox could get misaligned…Well…I actually did go into a rather cramped area of a mobile arena a few minutes before this happened, and then I think I hit the stairs leading up to the front of the Plant…and that’s when things started to go downhill. Maybe the mobile arena collision screwed with me, since I think I leap smashed into a tight corner of it…