Goliath climb range?


Recently I saw this fabulous artwork of Goliath in the place of King Kong, scaling a skyscraper. Which has made me wonder, what IS the diversity of Goliaths climb? Can he climb a wall, jump to another then keep climbing for example?


No, the game uses a code that when the monster uses the climb button it sees if the wall has a top and then climbs. Simple as that. No jumping or hanging.


Aw, that’s a bit of a shame.


Don’t be bummed, the climb is very forgiving, fluid, and fun. You have a little bit of grace distance also so you never fall just short of a wall and just drop. Even if you’re short by a decent amount from the very top you can immediatiely stick to the wall and begin climbing.

Goliath usually wants to be running in one direction anyway, away or towards the hunrters, so climbing one then jumping back wouldn’t be all that needed. Covering ground in one direction is easy though. Also the fact that he can climb anything with no cost/penalty means you can leave hunters behind at the bottom of a cliff easily - even moreso if they’ve been chasing you and have low jet fuel.


Well you can jump and then start climbing mid jump. I did this several times when I got the chance to play, jump at a high cliff (that is climbable) and as long as you hold the climb button you smoothly transition into climbing it as you hit the wall. Good way to speed up escapes from hunters.


I can work with that


When I played the game the climbing was easy to use, hold down one button and get to where you want to go. You can leap to other places after climbing if you want to get to different locations.