Goliath Charge Glitch


So I was using Meteor Goliath and at one point I went to use charge and instead of actually charging he just activates it and doesn’t move anywhere consuming the use of the charge.

There was also a minor (sometimes major) bug where I couldn’t eat Lazarus.

In the video title “Evovle Stuff…”

At [5:13:15] I have Lazarus down and dead. I eat Hank and another body and go over to eat Lazarus and it doesn’t eat. Sure I climb but that only happened after I started moving about.

Exactly 45 seconds later I go to Traversal towards the newly spawned Hunters and Charge them and I… well I don’t and am stuck for like a second.

Also a little bit later I go to pounce Hank and I do a sort of super lunge.


confirmed everytime i play as meteor goliath i get stuck when using charge at least 3 to 4 times a round mostly uphill i noticed


The Charge bug. It’s a known bug, happens to the original Goliath now as well.

The no-eating as well, not sure if it’s been reported yet but it constantly happens that your client and the server seem to have different ideas regarding where the edible ragdoll is in the map.

Super lunge is a typical Goliath bug as well that’s been there since launch.


This is a known bug and the fix will be in the next TU