Goliath can speak? :o


I’ve been hearing rumors that goliath when left idle in stealth mode, he attempts to make out words through growls, such words as hunger, and meat… is this true? :o cause if it is…

This can start a human experimentation theory on the monsters. :smiley:


I wouldn’t say that- if he can speak I’d chalk it up to him learning English to understand his enemies. The Monsters are very intelligent, wouldn’t put it above them.


…im gonna go test this…


Well, the monsters DO look like humans combined with sorts of Shear’s wildlife… CoughMammothBirdHuman=KrakenCoughcough.


Hmm no i’d imagine it as a adaptation bringing them to indpendent sentience like how he has his own idea of “hunger”…and maybe soon enough “hatred” . And soon enough a queen will no longer be needed


I’m gonna call BS on this one, I want to test it too though!





is this true @Mathew would know


They Evolve. ^.^
Like Griffin said, we make them smarter every time we engage them.


I mean, its on the evolve wiki! I’m just as surprised as ya’ll are XD if ya’ll happen to see it happen, record and post it here! :smile:


I heard the wraith speak Spanish once :3


I heard the Kraken speak Dovahzul once.


I heard the Brohemoth speak perfect French once…

I will smash you with my body! WEE WEE!!!

Now whether people will be live me that is the question… actually probably not…

Because the Brohemoth has already been the laughing stock of the Monsters enough as it is.


Well if he (Goliath) can throw 250,000 rocks at hunters in one afternoon, they must be getting REALLY REALLY SMART… In the middle of the Summer - Update makes all monsters speak full English #NextUpdateConfirmed


That just means they’re strong, not smart. ^.^


No, I was talking about amount of engagements with the hunters and humans. I see how you misunderstood it tho lol


I understand where this comes from.

The idle stealth sound, when combined with the smell sound at the right time, makes him sound like he’s saying:


This isn’t some Stairway to Heaven Stuff guys, highly doubt it is intentional. Still neat.


But he said left idle , which probably means no smelling. O_O


Let me know your analysis plz


So far ive been sitting here staring at Goliaths big, strong, muscley arms for like ever and i havent heard much :confused: