Goliath = Bush


The reason I love playing Goliath is so I can be a monster ninja and hide in the bush. Especially when the hunters had voice chat and you get to see their reaction when we’re watching the little coloured dots speed around the map and all their dots just walk right past mine. Priceless. Daisy is the bane of my life… That bush ain’t gettin’ past Daisy, no sir. I find it too hard to hide in the bushes with Kraken and Wraith. Is it just me that did this? Did the devs even consider that the bushes could be used as a disguise? hehe
Looking forward to all that bush banter next week though! I’m so hyped :joy:


I’ve hidden just under a cliff before right in the open as Goliath and people not even 3 meters away on top of the cliff don’t notice. As long as your armor isn’t high it’s kinda hard for newbies to notice you /shrug

Kinda wish you could use rockthrow to throw off daisy…honestly the tutorial or something I watched that showed that Daisy could actually lose the monster’s trail was kinda baffling to me as I’ve never seen her actually lose the trail…but it’s supposed to be possible…OI DEV PEOPLE DA FUCK!? Are we all doing it wrong as the monster or was that removed? >.>


Walking through water will make Daisy lose your trail.


I’ve done that before but she still catches back onto the scent very quickly. Not good enough.


I’ve only had the balls to do that one time. I was running pretty quick with the hunters nearby and I’d just passed by that shot down ship on I think Fusion Plant. I hid in a bush behind a tree and three passed by… then the medic stopped (noticing that my tracks had stopped there).

I was frozen in terror because the rest of the team was just some ten steps ahead. The medic turns around and looks then jumps on a nearby rock to get a better view… then stared right in my direction. In that second, I was so sure I was caught… but then they just left and went ALL the way on the other side of the map while I feasted and evolved!

Bushing is the most terrifying and heart-stopping move for a Goliath… that’s for sure.


I hid in a bush when they found me stage one, think they were new and didn’t realize daisy was pointing right at me while i was snug in that bush just hoping they didn’t see me, then all except the trapper started leaving that area i pounce them, laugh evily as i did, loved it lol


Yeah, that moment when you’re camping your ass off in a bush and you can see Daisy just staring at you, not attacking, just watching… my hands were sweating! Most tense moment ever :cold_sweat:

If someone ever has enough balls to bush as Behemoth… good luck :anguished:


Doubt you’d bush as behemoth…more like wall.


More like map.


I think they did. The fact that this game has no radar or motion sensor (a staple for FPS games) means that the Devs knew that the players HAVE to rely on sight and sound. (or smell in the case of monster)

I had a very similar experience where I hid aove the hunters as they followed the fake trail I laid for them down a tunnel =D


But the monster can’t see the ping dots. D:

Unless you mean something else?


Pretty sure he meant minimap dots. :smile:

And yeah, it’s priceless. Even better when the Monster doesn’t realise that you know about him until it’s too late to run from the trapper.


OH! The minimap-- okay, yes.

Thanks :'D


I use bushes as the krakken too!!!


Daisy and Bot Maggie were my bane for having fun hiding. Really loved hiding in the bush at the start of distillery against a Bucket player. They almost never put down turrets before deploying their head.


I had the same experience once, on the fusion plant:
I was feeding behind that big rock, then the carrion birds came and I noticed that hunters have split in 2 groups and started surrounding me. I hid in a bush right there and literally held my breath watching them running past me. Good thing you don’t need to sniff hunters out when they’re close, otherwise they would’ve catch me.


Yea Goliath is best at this as he kind of resembles a large rock when he’s not moving.


I’ve never bushed, but I’ve done something close to that. . . Forget what map, but what had happened was I was being way sneaky in this game. With only few confrontations and no domes, long story short, there was a rock formation in the corner of the map I found myself heading towards and I snuck towards this formation leaving wonder in the hunters minds of “left or right?” I took left behind the rock, they went right. As I spam sniffed I watched them pass up the rock formation and evolved, after which I dodged out the way I came in and proceeded to win the match. Obliterating the hunters at the power relay.


I believe she’ll lose your trail if you get far enough away from her. I think it was 250m, but I am not sure anymore about any of this. @MacMan ?
And I don’t know if that means 250 from the monster, or 250 from the closest tracks. If the latter then it would be nearly impossible for daisy to lose your trail, unless you manage to find a river that can get you that far. I think Dam is the only map with a river like that.


sometime you can just get to close to a rock formation that the hunters are above you on, ive noticed a lot of time they dont look directly down, just kind off in the distance trying to figure were you went lol