Goliath battle tactics


How do u go about creating ur move sets. I’m a curiose cat yo.

Edit: just for clarification, i wasnt asking for advice, just curiouse


Stage 1: 1 Rock Throw, 1 Leap Smash, 1 Fire Breath

For pure damage and AoE farm against wildlife. Rock Throw is powerful even at Stage 1 and Fire Breath lets me keep track of cloaked hunters.

Stage 2: 3 Rock Throw, 1 Leap Smash, 2 Fire Breath

Fire breath to better aid my farm, while also maxing Rock Throw for easy kills on hunters.

Stage 3: 3 Rock Throw, 3 Fire Breath, 2 Leap Smash, 1 Charge

Put in a Charge to up my mobility and give me a disruption ability when Leap Smash is on cooldown or the hunters aren’t bunched enough for Rock Throw.


For stage 1: I normally do 2 in flame breath to kill wildlife easy and 1 in charge for mobility. Stage 2: I usually put 2 in rock throw and 1 more in flame breath or I all 3 in rock throw. Stage 3: it depends on how I feel what points should go where


I go all in, and prepare to fight right from the start if needed.

3 in leap smash, because it provides the best mix of utility and damage. If I see a lone hunter who is damaged I can drop on him and go for the one hit knock out, or if I am in my preferred fighting area drop on the entire group, knocking them down and forcing the medic on the defensive (not as ideal against Ciara). If I can focus on killing them one by one the smash helps counter evasion, if they dodge out of fist range I leap smash them and start punching some more.
I am confident in my landing attacks, and overpowering the hunters early, and so with a decent buff, and a good part of the map, I take the fight to them early.

3 rock throw, because I close games fast, and smashing target with a rock after landing on them is nearly instant death to a hunter without strikes, let alone ones who have them due to early engagements. Not much to say aside from the fact I start eating the big wildlife, rock, leap, punch, devour.

1 fire, 2 charge, or 2/1 depending on team comp. Markov and Bucket are really hard to fight at the relay without flame breath, and it is good for catching that final escapee. I almost always have most of the team on 2 strikes at this phase, and so killing them is rather simple, the reason I leave firebreath this late is because the defensive characters don’t set up well at the early phases when they are running after you, but now they have had time to prepare, and so the traps will be well positioned to disrupt your offense. I only really take this stage against well played teams where I could not end it stage 2, or where I let them go to stroke my ego, I won’t lie that I occasionally leave people alive to be “sporting”.

I play mean, and fast, taking the fight where I want it, when I want it, and not simply dodging the dome. I find where I want the dome, either a place that is easy to survive, or good for abusing the limits of the hunters’ jetpacks, aka killing them. I would not recommend this style of play right off the bat. But it is something to be aware of, and perhaps experiment with, if you cannot lose the hunters going to a spot where it is a real pain for them to fight and simply waiting out the dome is a valid option, and taking the fight to them in such an area and killing them is even stronger.


If I am expecting Caira or Hank, I go 2 into rock, 1 into leap smash. Use that to combo them down, Hank first but try to get them out of position with the rock.

Then I usually finish rock throw and go 1 into leap, 1 into charge, for the utility. Again, knock them away from others & stuff, break line of sight and then focus them down.


Stage 1: I into fire breath, I into leap smash, I into charge.
All can be used for killing wildlife, charge not so kuch, but it’s really good for running away.
Stage 2: II in fire breath, II in leap smash, I in charge, I in rock throw.
Fire breath and leap smash are great for taking out wildlife, and if you get into a fight, rock throw or leap smash followed by a charge is a nice combo.
Stage 3: everything with 2 points, except for fire breath. But it’s personal preference. All skills are pretty useful, imo. Unlike the kraken, I don’t touch aftershock and put 3 in everything else, and same with wraith. I don’t really touch abduction. Then again I haven’t played much monster since the patch.
Also, I imagine behemoth will be like goliath in that all skills will be useful.


Stage 1 : 2 smash, 1 flame ( you can go 2 flames vs Laz/Val )
Stage 2 : 3 Rock throw
Stage 3: 3 Rock throw, 3 smash, 2 flames, 1 charge ( or 3 flames )


Stage one: 2 fire breath and 1 leap smash. Fire breath gets 2 points because it does good damage on wildlife, and the leap smash as a traversal and for more damage just in case if I’m domed.

Stage 2: 2 fire breath, 3 rock throw, 1 leap smash. This is the stage where I will confront the hunters myself. I just get my armor full, and sometimes will go for a perk just for the extra boost.

Stage 3: if I get here then my build would be 3 fire breath, 3 rock throw, 2 leap smash, and 1 charge. This is usually where there’s a 95% chance of me winning.

And no, you guys cannot use my build. :slight_smile:


IMO, Leap smash does have its moments, but it is a little too wonky and weird for me.

Stage 1 I take 2 in fire breath, 1 in charge.
Stage 2 I take 3 in Rock throw.
Stage 3 I max out fire breath and charge.

Originally I had fire breath and Rock throw maxed out at stage 2, but the extra mobility that charge gives you are very important when you get up against better teams.


The best load out

Stage 1 :YOLO Rock Throw 3PTS with damage at ( This is an easy way to deal with the slingshotting sunny trappers, they will never be same when its off cooldown)

3 flame at stage 2 and if there’s a Caira+ hank i get either 2 charge l flame or 2 flame one charge so I can pin them on the wall and “rock” their world :smiley:

If by chance I have to go to stage three( which I hate to do because you just get turtled) I put three in errything but leap


I’m a Rock obsessed person you probably shouldn’t take competitive Goliath advice from, but I like starting 3 Rock with Damage Boost.

Helps down big wildlife earlier when you need something more filling, and occasionally it can give you good momentum in an unfortunate Stage 1 fight.

The real fun starts at Stage 2 though - max Leap Smash, and if you land the two abilities you can literally two-shot a Hunter.

Perhaps not the most practical combo, but it is a blast to pull off.

Fire is for stage one babies, real Monsters use the hard to hit abilities that smash face.

More seriously, experiment with it and pick whatever suits your taste.

Starting with a point in Leap Smash and Charge is probably optimal for maximizing early mobility…they don’t always expect that level three Rock Throw at Stage 1 though…


Stage 1 - Fire B (1) Charge (1) Rock Throw (1)
Stage 2 - Fire B (1) Rock Throw (1) Leap (1)
Stage 3 - Fire B (1) Rock (1) Then depending on the map / team comp last point in either charge or leap.

Perk i almost always run cdr

Im a more in your face goliath and normally look to end games at stage 2. Normally on the 1st engagement too, kind of contradicting myself, but at stage 1 i try for a sneaky start assuming they havent got maggie and rush stage 2 and gg hopefully!

However if i find a dmg buff at stage one, i’ll go balls deep! :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, I run at Stage One. << lol (anyway) stage one - 2 leap smash, 1 charge. Stage two - 2 Rock Throw, 1 leap smash, this is where I test how the hunters fight together. At first chance of full armor, I look for a good fight spot, scare birds and test. After I might get a down or two I stage up. Stage 3 - 2 flame breath, 1 Rock Throw. And then I win or lose according to how the game went before that.


Stage 1: 2 Fire, 1 Leap.
Fire breath range and damage allows me to kill most wild-life with one go. Leap smash allows for some wildlife clearing but also mobility. If domed it allows me to still remain threatening to allow a down-penalty on the Trapper to escape.

Stage 2: 3 Fire, 2 Leap, 1 Rock.
Over-all continuous damage flow with these 3 abilities. Leap smash allows me to stay mobile and increase spastic movement, which means less dodges on the hunter sides if I suddenly leap behind me to hit the Support. Rock throw is rock throw, even though it’s rank 1 it still does amazing ranged damage and knock-back which can be capitalized with a Leap smash. Flame breathe helps keep the chaos and damage flow where the hunters are trying to kite and juke. There is never an instance where damage is not being put in with this set-up.

Stage 3: 3 Fire, 3 Leap, 2 Rock, 1 Charge.
Same as Stage 2 build. Continuous damage no matter what but more powerful with the better leap and stronger rock. Charge allows me to separate members of their team or knock away the Assault.

Once I’m at Stage 2 I armor up and go out to fight. Remember this important thing that I myself am trying to do: When you use an ability or traversal your heavy attack instantly recharges. So use leap smash, heavy attack, then flame breathe, heavy attack. Ensures you put the most amount of damage in.

I run the damage reduction perk.