Goliath Appreciation Thread


Title says it all.

Talk about how you all love the best monster in the game no doubt about it, wraith and kraken can do die in a hole somewhere.

Overall, I enjoy Goliath’s personality. He seems like the type of person that wouldn’t hesitate to crush anybody that looks at him funny.
Game-play wise, I enjoy the in-the-face combat. Loads of CC and zoning. The moves even feel like they are powerful! The feeling of leap smashing a hunter is the absolute best.


I just love everything about Goliath.
His abilities have such impact, the feeling when they hit is just gah so good.
His look, god his look, the red glow, the massive spikes, those fiery fists, (those big smexy muscles) just everything is amazing on him.
And my most favorite thing?
The Brawling.
Sure the other monsters can kill hunters from afar, sure they can sneak around them and seperate them, but nothing, NOTHING, is as fun as being directly in the middle of everything, constantly smashing those pesky little bugs around, feeling like an absolute BEAST in every single fight, just GAH nothing can ever match that feeling


Sounds like something @MidnightMonash could get into.


YES! FINALLY! A place for like-minded individuals to gather in awe at the sheer badassery that is our lovely Goliath. The original and the best, the quintessential, classic Monster, with just the right mix of cunning, intelligence and brute force. His design is incredible, the way he plays is incredible, he’s probably the most fun to hunt, he’s just generally awesome. And those muscles…Yikes.

@Vexille Thank you for this thread. I can relate on so many levels- there are so many reasons why I love Goliath. And no, @Shin, that isn’t one of them.


It’s okay, I just thought I would tag you here, since I know how much you adore this creature. ^.^


Alright then. I give you my utmost thanks and sincere gratitude for showing me this thread. You are glorious. I take back some of the stuff I said to you. But only a bit.


I need TRS to make the in-game music switch to the intro music when engaging a fight with the hunters, it fits the goliath’s raging fury perfectly, would be so awesome ! :grinning:


I don’t have music on in the game. I prefer to listen to the game sounds, or play my own music. ^.^


Well I also do that from time to time, but I often noticed that in some games, when the music is turning to a fighting music, I get much more into it. Like assassin’s creed II would do, I really liked the music while doing fights for example, and I loooove the intro music, it really sounds Goliath-like. :smiley:


Yeah. The downside to that, however, is that it really makes me want to fight. So I’ll find myself smashing into the hunter team at stage one when I should, by all accounts, be running, because the music activated my blood lust drive.


Yeah probably the same for me, maybe making it start when reaching stage 2 mid-armor then !

Music is really important in a video-game, in AC for example, thats what made me fight with assassin blades only, for the raging assassin-like finishers, or mad musics in SSX pushing you to make sick tricks like a madman, even if you have like 80 % chance of eating the snow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for evolve, I’d probably run with my flame beath maxed out and make yolo flame-breaths while fighting, follow up with a big ground slam on the poor hunters, squashing them under my feet. I might just walk towards them like a invincible killing machine if I feel confident enough I can wreck them.

I’d probably end up dying but it would be nice anyway, because I’ll be engaged in much closer and furious fights, rather than looking for reasonable and thoughtful fights. :grin:



Yeah. The music in AC II? Glorious. Just the perfect score, picking up at the perfect moments with incredible ambiance. That game was amazing. Shame they, you know, killed it, but whatever.


Yeah, bought the collector version of AC III, biggest dissapointment of mah life.

Back to the topic though, Goliath is to me the icon of the game, all of his movements look so powerful, but he’s also responsive, that’s what I like about him, it really makes you feel like the BOSS, even if I like Kraken for its design and his spells, and Wraith for its gameplay (even if I don’t like decoy and supernova).

Goliath is really superior in term of coolness, when you look at him, you only see anger and destruction on his face. If I had one in front of me, I’d probably faint lol. :sweat_smile:


Look deeper, at his inner workings. As @Shin said, he’s really a kind, sensitive creature. He’s always been gentle with me. He’s just insecure about who he is, his worth in the world, his ability, and hides it behind a facade of fire and strength. Poor kid.


Until he wants to pound someone, then he can be pretty brutal.

But he’s still nice in the end.


i start with 3 firebreath and yesterday I got massacre achievement against level 40 hunters (killed them level 1) I love this guy…


Yeah. But he only does that to annoying people. Like those that disrupt nature and shoot at him. If he likes you, he’ll never do that to you. : D


Wow, he’s got a sinister side, doesn’t he? Crazy stuff… I hope he doesn’t pound me one day. I’ll try not to annoy him, that would hurt.


Eh. He’s a very kind, gentle soul at heart, really. Just don’t hurt his buddies.


Ruben and the Rubenettes? Anyone?