Goliath appreciation thread + feeding speed +75% OP


so until recently i’d just been playing with wraith and kraken. i thought that the wraith was the fastest and also the most fun. i only used goliath to unlock the kraken until today, and vs good players it’s pretty fun. i now also know that in the right situations the goliath is way faster than the wraith.

i just won a match where i abe hit me with tracking darts pretty quickly (wraith trap map). they thought they’d got me cornered, but i looped them round a mountainous area and ambushed their trapper and support, leaving their medic and assault out in the open.

only 4 minutes for a goliath win at stage 1.

so yeah, this is a thread to say that the goliath is probably better than the wraith. just saying.

feeding speed +75% is hilarious because i can sometimes evolve to stage 2 before the hunters land if i know the good wildlife spawns. also, i can eat a body in no time flat, so laz has a hard time doing any good.


Wraith is a one trick pony (escape till stage 3, attack and hope it works), just a very, very, VERY powerful one trick pony.

Goliath on the other hand is great. He’s fair, at a disadvantage at Stage One but he can still wreck with a lot of cleverness, can be trapped without having a physics degree (it’s a joke, just in case someone wants to rage) and is almost unbeatable at a rather hard to get Stage 3, just like it should be.


I’m a Goliath forever guy and my fastest win comes from the big dude :

1 min mark, get a Cooldown buff from albino
1 min 15, engage next to a Nomad
1 min 58, profit :slight_smile:

Been experimenting with various perks, but feeding speed really helps, especially on small maps where you can’t really create distance. Does not really matter if you are tagged, just roast the wildlife as you move and gobble it before they catch up. Most difficult part is evolving. On the positive side, S2 Goliath is already a scary thing!


Goliath is my fav, by a good margin.

The only thing in your post I find odd/funny, is how Kracken ever felt faster to you. Good gravy when I’m in a bite your nails fight with hunters as Goliath I always feel I can move, get distance, and escape. When I fight with Kracken I always feel like I’m waist deep in quicksand. He just feels SO bogged down to me.