Goliath and Wraith To OP & Kraken Underpowered



I have to say this. In stage two I’ve rarely seen goliath and wraith lose, and I’ve rarely seen kraken won. It is impossible to win ageanst a stage 2 goliath or wraith, enless it has like 1% hp. And Kraken is so bad, it’s almost impossible to win with it. I think that gloiath and wraith needs a nerf, and I think kraken needs a buff.

But that’s what I think, tell me what you think.


I think everyone’s OP. Literally everyone.


Hunter to? But some hunters is much better than others


The game has been only out for a day. I too feel that monsters are OP, but keep in mind, monsters need only 1 good person to do well, hunters need 4 persons to do well. It’s harder for hunters to do well. Keep that in mind


I’m saying that in my collective experience playing, watching, being played, and reading comments on the forums, I’ve come to the conclusion - That everyone is OP to someone. Everyone is strong in the view of someone, either because they had a bad run, a good run, or heard things - The things you see aren’t going to equate to what other people see. So people will always say this guy is OP, or that guy is OP.

The only logical conclusion is, since nobody on the internet can be wrong, that they all must be right - Everyone is OP.

Kraken, Goliath, Gorgon, Wraith, Meteor, Elder, Behemoth, Hank, Cabot, Bucket, Bucket’s -head-, Kala, Sunny, Tech-Hank, Torvald, Markov, Parnell, Lennox, Hyde, Blitz, Jack, Griffin, Maggie, Waster, Daisy, Crow, Gobi, Abe, Val, Rogue, Laz, Slim, Emet, Caira, Mammoth Birds, Obsidian Grubs, Cephalodons, Gators, Striders, Crowbill Sloth, Mods, Writers, Guy Fieri, The Cookie Monster, Glass of Milk, Old Spice Guy.

All OP in some way, to someone.


MaddCow OP :slight_smile:


Nope. You’re the exception old buddy old pal.


Awwww :frowning: Now I’m SaddCow


Now we just need BaddCow and we can start our own internet comedy flash series called HomestarHunter.


I loooove Homestar Runner :slight_smile:


We’re getting off-topic here MaddCow! What are your thoughts, are things OP in your view?


I think that all things being equal and hunters know how to PROPERLY utilize jetpack management… I think EK and Behemoth could use a bit of love, I think Supernova is a tiny bit too short of duration, decoy has a little too much HP to try and destroy, Kraken’s air balls are a tiny bit too good (Like lower damage by 10-25), Bucket’s Mech recharge is SUPER good, I think it should be 50-75% instead of full recharge on class abilities, Tech Hank’s shield decay and shield upfront is really good, MG has a tad too good of mobility. Most of it is fairly balanced and only needs light tweaks. Support is MVP role currently I think.


I like one shotting wildlife with snowballs though :stuck_out_tongue:


I do to :slight_smile: But I don’t mind 2 shotting a Mammoth Bird.


What’s all this about ‘shotting’ things? Rolls through as Behemoth


Funny because I’ve never seen a kraken lose, not a single time. every time i’ve gone kraken I’ve steamrolled people on just stage 1, while every time I go against a kraken we get steamrolled at either stage 1 or 2.
I do agree however that the power boost that monsters get as soon as they hit stage 2 is a little crazy.

And wraith is just too fast to ever be domed imo.


Goliath is not OP, never really was OP. He’s lacking a bit of love atm


Yes, I’ve changed my mind with goliath. But not with wraith. To much health, and decoy makes it much harder for the hunters to hit the right target and because of that hunters don’t do that much damage to the wraith!