Goliath and his Flaming counterpart. (Balance) [Resolved]


Goliath is a close high dammage monster, that has a vast selection of different abilitys. they all are close quarters however 1 (rock throw) can be used for ranged attacks and so can Fire Breath, however limited. however his counterparts attacks all give resudual fire dammage. this is where i see a problem. unless there is a trade off i dont know about
(please state in a reply if you know!) but if all of Meteor Goliath’s deal the same dmg, then goliath needs somthing to set the two apart, so that the obvios pick is not Meteor Goliath, as oposed to normal goliath

Ideas-(if there is not a tradeoff i dont know about)

+15% added dmg buff for vinilla Goliath.
More Complex
+10% Speed for vinilla
+5% Dmg for Vinilla
-10% armor for Meteor

These are just ideas to make it so there are reasons to chose both for different playstyles
Meteor Being able to attack everyone due to his residual Fire dmg.
Goliath Being faster with more dmg, however he has to Focas a target down to use his abilitys to their full potental.

If there is a tradeoff then there is no need for any of these, its just speculation

  • I agree with the simple option.
  • I agree with the more complex option
  • I have my own idea, however i agree on a buff/nerf (please Elaborate in the Replys!)
  • There is a tradeoff That you are missing.

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Meaty deals less initial damage. For example, (and this numbers are wrong, I don’t know the actual numbers), Original Goliath rock throw does 800 damage on hit, but Meaty deals 700 damage on hit, but then the burn will deal an extra 150-ish. This is counteracted by the DOTS not being stackable, only refreshable, so Original is better at outright burst, Meaty is better at spreading damage around.


Regular Goliath’s niche is burst damage. His skills have lower cooldowns and higher direct damage. Meteor Goliath’s skills have longer cooldowns and lower direct damage in exchange for the fire DoT that is applied by all of his abilities and more range or speed on his skills.

It’s basically burst VS spread/damage over time.


i knew that there was going to be a tradeoff, somewhere. well rip


A friend did some testing and what used to be true with OG and MG is now no longer. Their burst is almost the same. Very slightly less for MG but he then has about a 100dmg DOT. I would have to test the ability cooldown times. Plus MG’s rock is much better and his fire has the advantage of reach even if it does take ages to finish