Goliath, air Jordan bug



My second clip on my profile clips, towards the end of that video I try jumping away and I pull of the infamous air Jordan jump that goliath can do.

Edit: @MrStrategio @MacMan @SlabOmeat
I’m sure it’s a known issue, but I just recorded this today to share with you guys.


I think this tends to happen if you clip a bit of scenery at a particular angle just as you jump.
I’ve done it a few times with the kraken as well when trying to take flight and clipping scenery on takeoff.


It happens all too often. That AND ‘disrupt your eating for no reason’ bug.


To the hoop!


Oh yeah I’ve gone to support about that…

Sometimes its good because you get that extra distance and other times… “Look at me! I can’t do anything! Shoot me!”


That didn’t look like a bug to me. Just seems like you jumped from a high point to a low point. I’ll have some try it and double check though.


the dunk


I HATE that bug grrrr it pisses me off!


It is the second video btw …


Best. Clip. Ever. o-o


It was his second video not his most recent. The classic jump bug where it looks like his feet are still standing and he goes much further then intended.


Once in awhile this bug’ll get you out of hot water :stuck_out_tongue:


NOW it is the second video, my good sir, I made this post when it WAS the first


That’s true but, a bug is a bug. No matter how many legs it has.


Yeah, Strategio, NOW it’s my second video.


yeah thats what I meant :smiley:


You should really update the OP, perhaps include a link to that clip in particular instead of all your clips and a rough guide of which one to click on.


Good idea. It shall be done!