Goliath AI vs medic, need some tips


How the fuck do you deal with AI goliath when you’re medic?? D: and I can NEVER outrun him, he is always behind me and his auto-lock on is insane, he NEVER misses an attack, even one time I was cloaked as Laz and then the AI Goliath was going to attack the assault with rock and as soon as my cloak run out the rock went directly to me and he was looking at assault, I was freaking behind the Goliath :confused:


So yeah, need some tips.


If you’re solo, don’t play medic.

If you’re doing evacuation coop (4 vs AI) ask for support’s help to cloak you. And yeah, the whole team has to help you, the Goliath AI is brutal, as long as you’re alive it will focus the shit out of you until you are simply a red smear on the ground.

Prepare your butt.

But, it’s a pretty good training to learn to immediately see your environment to always be one dodge away from breaking line of sight, or dodge the leap attack and stuff. You’ll learn to “triage”. Dodge the heavy hitting attack and calmly take those that don’t hit too hard while you regen jetpack fuel and your healing burst.


Oh wow, that’s gonna be hard since in coop it’s always with randoms and no mics most of the time :confused: I think they should maake some changes with AI Goliath, he makes playing medic not fun :confused:


I haven’t put theory to practice with Laz, but when he starts to focus you dodge for as long as you can, then cloak. When your cloak runs out, and you get focused again, have support use his cloak. Rotate cloaks as needed. You could also take advantage of Hank’s shield to keep you alive.

The other option is to use Caira. She might still go down, but she can survive a lot longer with her self/group heals, and during that time the rest of the team can do a lot of damage to AI Goliath.

I’m going to try Laz with bots against AI Goliath and see what I can do. Obviously a human support that I could coordinate with would be more beneficial, but you have to start somewhere.


Trust me there is nothing you can do, you can delay it for maybe a minute but he does not stop lol


So I just beat AI Goliath first try with Laz. It wasn’t pretty. Ended up stage 3 with two strikes on Laz and one on Hank. I was able to get the health regen for the team off of the Tyrant while the Monster was stage 2.

One thing I learned, the AI hunters don’t pick up perks unless you switch to them and pick it up yourself.

My team was Hank (who is pretty good with the shield as a bot,) Maggie and Hyde. In retrospect Hyde might not have been the best choice because the grenades slowed me in combat a few times, but the reason I chose him was for the area denial on the dead bodies.

Some tips, when in the dome, minimize time the monster has line of sight on you, he will attack other hunters which is what you want since you can revive them with no penalties. When fighting outside of the dome he didn’t seem to focus me at all so when you’re not “revivifying” you can snipe the monster as much as you want. :wink:


Playing solo medic is completely broken.

The only thing you can do is stay far out of the fight and never, ever heal because once the monster decides to go at you he will ignore everything else until you are dead, even if it means he dies.


Master the hotswap for solo play. If you make sure that you always use support to, uh… support yourself, and use the cloak as much as possible for self defense. Additionally, the AI is less likely to come after you if you focus on healing teammates who are not already the monster’s target.


But I mean on evac mode coop, so no hotswap


To quote the matrix

“You do what we do, run. You run your ass off”


Lol XD but seriously, devs should check tjis out and make some minor changes


Solo mode, the Goliath AI was fine while I played as medic/val.
I set our “perk” to increased damage (I’m not sure what level that
becomes available). As much as possible, I would make sure
everyone was topped off before monster/Goliath engagement.

Sniper/tranq debuffs at start, this allowed the bot hunters to
make some progress on the monster armor early on. Start
adding some heals to non-focused bots first, then heal any
focused bot last. That action will reliably draw aggro to
medic/val. Try to get a group heal off that helps out some
of the bots while you evade.

At this point, your bots have made good progress on
armor and health, and reliably, the monster/Goliath
breaks off it’s attack to regen. It may be that the
sprinkling of tranqs/sniper shots early on helps
group damage enough to make that work as an
overall strategy, for solo.