Goliath AI bug with video


I don’t know if this was already reported or not if so please let me know and take down topic. The Goliath bot stops working correctly, but does resume back to normal. The video is below it should work, you’ll see that the Goliath doesn’t do anything for a brief moment and later on (outside of the video) it does work again.



My favorite part is when you missed BOTH headshots. :smile:

But seriously, that’s happened to me a few times too. Goliath just decides, “Well, these hunters aren’t really that bad, I guess I’ll just stand here for a bit and look around.”


Yeah it was kinda sad that my sniper shots were that close from the Goaliths head. I guess at that particular moment I was expecting the bot to just move suddenly, and most importantly that I was a tad bit impatient to lol I was playing solo. so I had this happen more than a few times to (Goliath not doing anything for a brief moment).