Goliath Abilities: Basics


I am not someone who’s mastered the game, just a wee bit experienced now.i make mistakes with grammar, naming, and facts. This quick guide is meant for new players of evolve looking for a crash course on the Goliath, no really in depth stuff for now(got to get back to playing :smile:) . I will update this post in time.

To begin, the Goliath is a melee orientated damage dealer.
Tier 1
Evasion is the name of the game as a tier 1. Sneak should be heavily utilized as well as monster evasion tactics such as doubling back and leading hunters into elite animals. (I’ll explain this more as support or questions are added or asked)
Tier 2
Goliath can kill all hunters quite easily, provided the player pounces(more about stealth play in another post) a character and chose his/her surroundings carefully. Quite powerful. Large amounts of melee knockback
Tier 3
Goliath is an unstoppable tank. Only extremely good hunters (or a unskilled monster) will cause a loss at tier 3. At this point sneaking isn’t really necessary. Let the hunters come to you. Bait them to were you want to be. Remember, charging in can still get you killed against a cohesive hunter group. Orbital strike is really the only thing to fear at this point.

Starting Loadout
Goliath has four abilities, with three at max being able to be utilized at game start. Abilities can be upgraded up to three times. Each upgrade increase effectiveness of the ability:

1. Rock throw
Goliath rips a large boulder out of the ground and throws it, aiming by the crosshairs point.
A decent starting ability for tier 1 monster. Gains relevance for tier 2 and 3 because you can hit a distant target or a reviving hunter from a distance, potentially stopping a hunter from healing, reviving, or fleeing. Gives away you position in most cases, and aiming directly at a hunter will generally make them try to dodge.
Flying hunters can be difficult to hit. Try aiming at something other then your intended target for the first two seconds of the throw animation (the entire animation takes about three seconds) then snap to your target as Goliath releases the boulder.

Goliath charges on all fours towards the crosshairs. Goliath runs significantly faster during Charge. Great for gaining distance between Hunters and forcing your way through them should you have to.
The charge damages hunters in an interesting way. Damage accumulates over time as the target is trampled by Goliath. Hitting an enemy causes them to tumble backwards and become stuck in front of Goliath until the charge is over. Tier 1 Goliath should use this as a improvised sprint for distance from the hunters or to flee. Tier 2 and 3 should bait Hunters into a straight corridor to maximize effectiveness.
A common use of this ability is to close the distance on hunters when fighting. This is NOT an effective way to use Charge. Instead, leap towards hunters if you want to close distance.

3.Leap Smash
Goliath leaps high into the air, smashing into the ground. Guided by crosshairs. The ability cause large amounts of damage and knockback. large area of effect.
The leap smash is extremely useful . I personally use it every game. Being ability to immediately close distance on targets and cause large amounts of damage is useful for, as you can imagine, any circumstance that includes open air or a vaulted ceiling. As you can expect, not a good ability to use in small buildings.
The aiming for leap smash occurs before the activation of the ability. First, aim at your target, then activate the ability. Goliath will leap and ground pound that spot. this works well for stopping revives or hitting hunters on top of buildings. Medics are particularly vulnerable since the knock back and damage can separate and severely injure them.

4.Flamethrower breath thing
Goliath channels his inner Alduin and breathes fire for a few seconds. Like everything else, crosshairs are used for aiming. At start this ability is not very useful except for killing Shears animals. Fully upgraded, a tier 3 Goliath can take a hunter down to half health with a full hit. Forces Hunters to move or take heavy damage. Reveals your position if used in the open and is quite loud. Goliath can not use any other attacks or leap while using it and stands straight up exposing his entire body.
Overall, useful in close quarters and for herding hunters.

Please comment about anything I missed or screwed up on, or if you want more in another guide. I’m currently working on an advanced tactics guide for Goliath. Xbox Gamertag: AnrcHunter Steam:VavinoFree