Golden Goliath Statue



Awwwwwwwww yiss :smiley:
Here is the Golden Goliath statue that I managed to win from @MaddCow’s 2 year anniversary stream that the talented @SledgePainter very kindly painted and donated as a prize.
It looks awesome in the pictures and even more so in real life. My desk always gets a bit cluttered but I will keep some permanent space for this beauty to roar back at me for inspiration.

I really do feel as lucky as a four leaf clover stuck to a rabbits foot to have this. I would love to get the huge statue version (that no one has yet) one day that would compliment this amazingly. Stage 1 and Stage 3 Goliath :slight_smile:

Many thanks again to you both and indeed the whole Evolve community who love this game and the devs for this very rare gem of a creation.


Looks awesome


Want want want want want want! :sob:


Rawr! You deserve it Dean :slight_smile: Glad you were the one to win it!


Jealous af


Envy. I feels it right now.



You got my

Congratulations on that win, @deanimate :smile: !


WOOOO Who gave the cat this? He does not deserve it. You should have redone the raffle the second fatanimate came up. DISCUSTED to see such a nice figure go to waste.


It’s beautiful! If it wouldn’t stretch it out too bad you should totally have a picture where he’s wearing the monster band as a champions belt…


That thing is super totally awesome!



Well deserved, Dean



PS: Nah it’s ok, I’m just joking. I’m not really mad for that. It’s just that I’m very envious (because I also was in the streaming and participated in all the giveaways…and got nothing).

cry internally



Hail to the King!!!


Duuuuuuuuuuuude that’s freaking awesome!

So jelly


You never told us you had that. Looks amazing.


So glad it got to you safe and sound! Looks great on your desk with the Evolve backdrop!


Dunno why but I find this pose funny at least from the angle


He’s missing a Jagermeister in his left hand…or I guess a hunter; your choice. :slight_smile: I still 'member the monster’s “Finishing Move” animations.


Goliath tossing that hunter down was super satisfying. I never once in my +3000 hours of play got the glitch. Never even seen it. Surely it wasn’t that prevalent to warrant removal?

Oh well… :frowning: