Gold skins gone?!?!


Since I installed the update which came with behemoth and the tier 4 hunters(which I bought) my gold skins have disappeared. This happened to me already once when I got the gold skins and my savage goliath skin disappeared, but it just re-appeared the next day. This doesn’t seem to happen this time. I’m playing on ps4. Anybody else have the same problem or found a solution?


This has happened before. I think they had people unlink their 2K account, then relink it. Not 100% sure on it.


@Shin is correct! Unlink/relink and you should be all set.


Good, then I will know how to help people with this in the future. ^.^


same here!!!


Happens to me every time I play the game now (PS4) every time I shut the system off I lose my skins, to get them back I have to re-link my 2k account or sometimes I some people have the skins and some won’t ie goliath was gold but no one else was,


Huh, I might try that when I get home. I lost all my T2 hunters. It’s been quite funny to have everything but them.