Gold monsters

i just got a ps4 with evolve and i want to get the gold skins is there a way to get the gold skins

They could only be won during events IIRC

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That’s strange because when I bought Evolve during the free weekend, I got the gold skins anyway for every monster except Goliath.

Was it for PC? I believe that all Legacy stuff unlocked if you bought Legacy during Stage 2. He is on console, so there is no such promotion.

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It was on PC. But I mean before S2 got released.

There is no way for a console player to get the gold monster skins anymore, sorry.

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I rock my gold goli skin hoping to see posts about it on here XD


You still play evolve I haven’t seen you on Xbox for more than a year

Damn you Necron! that skin is the only one I don’t have for the monsters!

I do but very rarely when I get a wave of nostalgia. It doesn’t take long for me to remember why I put it down tho. Kelders, Kelders everywhere.

Well (I know this isn’t a thread about balance) until recently I’ve been playing pretty often and unless ur playing quick play or in the lower ranks playing ranked the kelder crisis has passed.

Guess i should use my gold skins more XD. I like being fabulous and pink

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Let the dead (threads) rest in peace. If you want to talk about something new @Zenai10, don’t be afraid to create a new thread entirely.

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