Gold Monster Skins missing?


Has anyone else lost their Gold monster skins that the community won during weekend challenge ?

Mine have vanished, were they timed?



Nope it’s an issue with your My2k account. Try to unlink then relink your account. Hopefully that should take care of it! Let us know!


Did it work, mate?


Nope, unlinked then linked and still missing


I think @Hyble said he had to do it three times. If that doesn’t work, try submitting a ticket to 2K suppor.


Yeap. Still having tons of issues with skins. Just purchased the Sandstone skin and have to verify the integrity of my Evolve files every time I want to use it, and after one game it disappears. Reposting something I said in another thread:

I’ve had several things fix or temporarily fix the issue.

  1. Unlink and re-link your My2K account. May have to do this multiple times.

  2. If you are on Steam, go to your Library -> right click Evolve -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache. This fix is often temporary and works for only one game before the skins go poof again.

  3. Disconnect from the internet and start the game. Obviously this is not ideal if you are looking to play multiplayer, but it will prevent you from connecting to My2K and thus allow use of the skins solo.

  4. Unlink from your My2K account, exit the game, and start it up again.

I’ve also found that it seems that updates to the game permanently fix the issue with skins that you bought/obtained before said update. For example, my Savage Kraken and Wraith skins kept disappearing until 2.0 came out. So you might just have to wait for the upcoming micropatch / title update.

If you are on a platform other than PC, I apologize but I have no experience there so I’m not sure what else might work. Hopefully something here helps.