Gold Behemoth Shown Off! (Pics Inside)


He totally looks like Chocolate! I love it! :smiley: I must have this!

Just to add, the skin will be given free through a challenge or something. They did say free, but they are working out the details on “how”

He is still Gold in certain lights though :smiley: REALLY Gold

Behemoth's Gold Skin
Gold Behemoth
Gold Behemoth Skin
Guess what behemoth lovers!


Please give!!


EDIT: Moved gold pic to first post


I had Behemoth on his 3 Star masteries almos since release… This skin might just motivate me enough to elite him.


So we will get this awesome skin by a challange Like the other gold Skins right ? It looks so beast on him


it would be nice


Chole confirmed on the stream that they won’t make you pay for them but, “We’ll make you have to jump through some hoops for them” Then said some Community Challenge may be in order!


So during this past stream today. It was shown that it has been made, and completed… And for those of you who don’t know or who still wish for it. Your wish is coming true! “NUGGET” is coming for a community challenge, it has not been mentioned when or what kind of challenge yet, but the gold skin for behemoth will be coming!


The new Glacial skin is looking real good though lol


Personally these gold skins don’t do anything for me. If the skin is going make the monster stand out so much form the environment that you can’t hide in a bush anymore then it had better look good.


I look at the gold skins as a way for better monster players to handicap themselves.


I never thought about it that way. I’m just not a fan of the way they look, I know it’s a game about fictional creatures on an alien planet but looking at a bright gold monster just takes me out of the experience and beautiful world that turtle rock created. It’s just my 2 cents, use whatever skins you like.


Yeah, I never liked gold gun skins in game either. I like useful camos and skins, but this flashy stuff is kind of silly. Pink tiger camo?


I can hide no matter what color you make me. I stealth around the arctic as a giant green lava monster, and have had hunters pass within arms reach of me unnoticed, color doesn’t mean much, positioning and movement does, as even the best camo skin is easy to see when not hidden carefully.


Behemoth and wraith are my favs atm so I tend to get any skins made for them >.> I bought the glacial as soon as I got in game. It has a greenish hue to it on the edges when full armor.

Yeah they do stand out alot, just like the clown fish wraith. I’ve had no issues bush hiding so far the clown wraith though. Not sure how this will fair since this will be my first gold skin. :wink:


I like the cosmic skin on wraith even though it’s not very sneaky colors. I just love the bright blue/green blade arms.


I want it from a collector’s point of view


It looks so cool!


if you ask me a monster with golden shimmering skin dont sound too far fetched . ( i dont know the name) anyone remember that monster from monster hunter that had skin made of metal that it would have to shed every once in a while cuz it rusted!?!? Well what if the monsters on shear where exposed continuously to the acid biomes and had a high iron amount in their blood. BAM golden skinned monsters