Gold Behemoth should be an adaptation rather than just a reskin


Rather than making him simply Gold , why not play around with him?

Change up his abilities and such. We could do so many things…

Lava Bombs

Lava rocks are gold rocks and instead of fire they shoot out gold coins, they hurt the hunters by giving them headaches with all the papers they have to deal with when tax day arrives.

Rock Wall

Obviously it will Gold prison bar, lets face it rock wall still has missing slabs.


Fissure could be an avalanche of paperwork that crushes their dreams and bores them to sleep


No, let’s keep it as a skin thank you.


adaptation, adaptation, adaptation, adaptation, adaptation!!

Its probably the only way we’ll ever get a dlc character to get an adaptation.


No. I’d rather have the choice of standing out like a sore thumb rather than standing out like a sore thumb and have no choice.

Having an adaption limited to only a skin is extremely limited and would prevent a awesome Behemoth adaption like Goliath.

That’s just my two cents.


Chances are we might not even get an adaptation for Bob or any of the DLC characters because they will be limited to the DLC characters.


I doubt it. I’m sure there will be adaptions it’s just that they’ll be locked unless you own the original character. So you’d need to own Behemoth to get… I dunno… Meteor Behemoth.


That’s actually what I’ve been thinking about. However, we have several months before they get to the dlc characters anyway.


There’s also this.


Eh, depends. Soon enough the people in charge of Hunters will be busy with the upcoming medic and support while the Monster guys will be balancing the 5th Monster. They may have a lotta time for adaptions.


You just have to ruin my dreams.


Yep. Exactly. He also says that right now he doesn’t know if they will make a T6. Want me to show you that one too? :smile:


Staph. Pls.


Here ya go, slugger.

He’s talking about T6.


Personally, getting regular free Monsters? I’d be so down with that.