Golaith LeapS into Kraken's LightningS; What kind of sorcery is this...? Also #InternationalWomenDay


This is so awesome! Possible hint guys?

Also #InternationalWomenDay, also its so cool seeing all these hunters together.


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There’s already a topic on this?


What map are the women at? Doesn’t look like anything we’ve got right same.

Not sure if the Goliath is just for show… Or a possible second variation =/ I’m assuming it’s just for show. Or maybe it’s an example of the taunts they mentioned?


Yes. It was made awhile ago.


The women on Rendering Plant, but it seems it has been altered.


Take a look at this thread.

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Nah, it’s just Rendering Plant with the Evacuation perk/buff Canyon Eels.

Not that I would know.


I’m not sure if it was an intentional pun, seeing as how they’re described as “man” eating eels, but I hope so. :stuck_out_tongue:


Every IWD I go watch this video. <3


Thanks to this thread I just relived Goliath leaping into Lightning


Hype for 2 monsters 1 game was real back then


You do know that Goliath wasn’t jumping INTO a lightning storm attack, they were showing off their new damage partical system showing what it would be like if they did a leap slam special effect that was the lightning strike one.