Going idle during the chase


It’s becoming increasingly more common for players to let the bot take over their character while the trapper chases down the monster. They won’t come back until it’s domed.

And who can blame them?

You spend most of your time running around, bored out of your mind, until you manage to dome the monster. That’s when the game gets fun. Unfortunately, the chases are not. Why not just let the AI take over your character until you can get to the fun part? It does the work for you.

Something needs to change.


i do it when im eating. but i noticed that maggie tracking skills go to crap when bot takes over. bot is good at doming only, not tracking


That’s your opinion, I enjoy the chase more than the fight.


Personally I love flying around the map senselessly.

That’s why I play bucket


I’ve to admit when I am not in really good group I tend to do thatm not waiting for dome, but popping on another monitor to do something for few seconds and getting back as soon as I see at least red ping. Would be nice though if they’d finally fix the window minimizing when you tab to other monitor, I could actually see something that way.