Going against Wasteland Maggie is like going against Griffin, but is much more punishing


I am suggesting that Wasteland Maggie’s harpoons distance should be shortened. It’s ridiculous, those things shoot so far, she shoots so fast, I can hardly climb, lol.

Some professional teams ONLY use her now. She causes so much damage, and slows the monster down a ton. Can’t tell you guys how many hunters she’s saved.

Weaken Wasteland Maggie or either give Griffin a buff. shivers


Well maybe a short buff (no pun intended) but there are like that because only one can be deployed at a time


They shoot way faster though in massive distances. I mean, she causes more damage. Don’t make one harpoon equally menacing as three. That’s what Griffin is known for.


To my understanding, these are supposed to be variations, not modifications that outright count as upgrades rendering the original completely useless.


I assume by weaken Maggie you mean Wasteland? Word on the street is that she’s getting the nerf bat next patch. Now, on the part of buffing Griff? As much as I would love love that, he’s in a really good spot right now, and he doesn’t really need it. The only thing that comes to mind would maybe be a slightly shorter reload time ((an extra harpoon when the monster tries to exit)) and a faster base swapping between weapons so he could be more reactionary to the monsters movements.


Well I mean like one meter shorter not completely down to the range of OG Maggie’s harpoons


Didn’t know the Forums had gossip lol


Yes, Wasteland Maggie, and THAT’S REALLY GOOD TO HEAR!!! She’s much harder to fight against than the other trappers.


You know, I still catch more hell from OG Mags than Mad Mags. A trap field is harder for me to escape than a single snare, even if it does have more range. I also find myself taking roughly the same damage from both.

I don’t feel she needs a nerf, but a lot of people have issues fighting her, so it’s gonna happen. Still, I don’t have to like it.


Keep in mind arm time and distance are higher due to a singular trap rather than three.


She’s scary but she’s not that bad.

Mad Daisy is easy to down and one poon Trap is easily noticeable and slappable.

And Adaptations are just that, not Improvements that render the old ones obsolete.

Tech Hank and OG Hank are prime examples of this as well as the Goliaths.

They are different but not superior or inferior to each other.


Wasteland Maggie is currently harder than Lazaras and Sunny for me, lol. I normally just flame breath normal Mags and all is well.


Those three harpoons are only a problem if they retreat to them.

Wasteland Maggie often stops me climbing and running away from them. That’s when it becomes a pain in the butt.
When. I gotta run and it just non stops harpooning ya. Much like a Griffin.


I don’t have any issues with Laz, oddly enough, and Sunny only changed by not chasing as much anymore. Her mid-combat usefulness is slightly less frustrating, but I play Bob, so it doesn’t make as much of a difference as it would for the rest of the Monsters.

Mad Mags single haproon is easier for me to take care of than three or more being placed around me, and one ability won’t protect me from all of them, so OG offers me slightly more difficulty than Mad mags. I always try to down the Trapper, or at least distract them for a second before I try to flee. Makes life 1000x easier. Also, climbing is a slow way to escape. A singular leap/air burst/warp/web sling should be enough to take you out of range and allow you to exit LoS and book it from there.


Ya, your situation is different than mine, lol. I play Goliath most of the time. Lazaras has nothing on Bob.
Mad Mags just absolutely wrecks with me leaping in the air and such.

But I do remember Normal Mags would be terrifying if I did play Behemoth.


Yeah, I can see that happening. Might have to do some test matches for myself, but if as many people have problems with her as I think, then a nerf should be in order.

Side note: Glad to see you’re enjoying the forums!


I strongly disagree with this. Tech hank is absolutely terrible compared to OG hank. I wrote a little rant on another thread as toward why I believe he’s the worst support to choose.


Why is he the worst support?


I talked about it here


I like waste mags vs Goliath yes, but all the monsters have their worst enemy hunter…

If the monster goes in a straight line… wasteland can keep harpooning the monster and slowing him down.
Just move out of the line of sigh from the harpoon and your saved, maybe you can get punished with only 1 harpoon this way…

don’t climb a high wall, you can guess where the monster wants to go and pull him off the most obvious cliff