Godzilla VS Cthulhu

For crying out loud Godzillas ability to fly by breathing plasma use’s trillions of psi to just make him fly and that there goes around the world a thousand times!

Read the original story. It was a regular steamboat.

Hotter than the Sun? Serious?

yes his plasma reaches tempatures hotter than the sun

Yeah no, first its Thermonuclear Breath, not plasma. Second it certainly is not hotter than the sun, though it is insanely hot. To my knowledge his Atomic Breath temperature has never been given.

you do realize plasma is a combination of electricty and radiation.Plus deathbattle has managed to estimate godzillas tempature but if im wrong it must of been gamera breathe that was hotter than the sun anyways plasma is a combination of radiaton and electricty and maybe fire.

Also if cthulu truly got knocked out by a normal steamboat at normal speeds that would mean godzilla could rip cthulu to shreds over and over and over again you would think cthulu’s madness effect would kill godzilla.Thats where your wrong godzilla is madness he is the thing that will kill anything that poses a threat to him or his territory he doesnt care if he killed humans in the proccess as long his territory is safe enough to raise his young he won’t attack.

I’ve not read Call Of Cthulu but accounts I’ve heard about it are that he was hit by a boat but to no meaningful effect or end. The Old Ones and their high priest Cthulu are supposed to represent something which mere humans are too insignificant to have any meaning beyond the purposes these beings have for them, which are outside our comprehension. Lovecraft’s message: aliens so advanced that they resemble gods and devils to our eyes are so bad that our best hope is that we are too insignificant to attract their attention.

Plasma is an ionized gas. And I never said Cthulhu could beat Godzilla.

If it was hotter than the Sun it would kill him, everything around him and destabilize the environment.

not for gamera

Alright. Well, I suppose we tossed science out of the window a long time ago anyway so whatever.

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Gamera is capable of breathing plasma underwater.

matter in fact gamera eats his own plasma when he needs it.


How is godzilla madness? That doesn’t even make sense…

you sir are dead wrong…

Sheogorath IS madness



well think of it this way he uses japan as his playground and always destroys everything.

How does that in any way equate to madness? If anything, Godzilla is the symbol of the nuclear devastation the japanese suffered after two atomic bombs were dropped on their home soil killing millions.


I realy don’t know anymore