Godzilla VS Cthulhu

The ultimate debate, the debate to end all debate. WHO WILL WIN???

dIbs on Godzilla cos Cthulhu got knock out by a steamboat.

Cthulhu is a god, is he not?

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Only by the primitives in account of his size and grandeur, it is the most powerful thing they seen so he is considered as such. IMHO old c’s God hood is up for based on interpretation not the fact he’s one like nylarthotep or Azathoth. He’s basically old one Konrad Cruze from apocalypse now.

In this regard Godzilla is also a god. One of them Toho folks who envisioned said that if we look at this from a Shinto perspective, Godzilla can pretty much be considered the God of destruction.

The problem with hypothetical fights is that its often decided by interpretation. Many times, a character will change throughout their history and thus their strength or skills change, Godzilla is a prime example of this. He has gone through many generations with varying size and strength with new version.

I’m not well versed in Lovecraftian mythology but to my knowledge, Cthulhu is an elder god with the power to plunge the world into utter madness and chaos.

I’m not really confident that I could pick a side with my lack of indepth knowledge on Cthulhu; but, if I had to pick a side, I suppose at his strongest, Godzilla would win.


I’ve got to go with cthulu here

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Godzilla, because he’s my homeboy!


I have to go with Cthulhu on this one, just because H.P. Lovecraft was awesome

Godzilla is also a god… or is he not?

Godzilla the name is a bastardization of Gojira, it doesn’t really have any connotation to his god-like status. Just a happy accident.

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Come’on don’t spoil the fun. :sob:



Cthulu has more advantages than godzilla has.

1.Cthulu is immortal its hard to kill something that lives forever.

2.Cthulu can regenarate his entire body.So does godzilla as long as his heart isnt destroyed.

3.Cthulu has wings and can practicaly fly.

4.Is alot bigger than godzilla and thats saying something.

Now for godzillas advantages

1.He breathes plasma wich can reach tempatures hotter than the sun.

2.He can regenarate like cthulu as long as his heart isnt destroyed.

3.He’s a living magnet.

4.electricity is attracted to him and refuels his plasma breathe.

5.He has gravity defying drop kicks.

6.He’s big.

7.He can propell himself into space using his own plasma breathe.

8.He has 2 brains one in his head and the other in his butt.

Well thats all for godzilla.Also that is all I know of cthulu so far btw.oops actualy its godzilla that has more advantages xD

Not sure we WANT to include those dropkicks in his advantages…

Would YOU want to admit THAT is something you do?

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thing is godzilla could not get close enough to cthulhu…reason being cthulhu has a insanity aura around him. and anything that looks upon him go insane and eventually…die from insanity… poor zilla

Didn’t Cthulhu get knocked out by a steamboat?

if he did that steam boat must have broken the sound barrier.

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That was a pretty amazing response

Nope, it was a regular ol’ steamboat.

A steamboat… breaking the sound barrier :laughing:

I don’t think so cause cthulu is massive and in order to be knocked out by that steam boat it needs to break the sound barrier.