Godzilla: King of the Monsters (trailer)


Considering that this is a sequel to '14 Godzilla, it would be weird if it was. The trailer makes the protagonist look more interesting than that generic military guy whose name I forget.

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Aw, so it looks like that Rodan sculpt leak forever ago was legit



Bad ass! Love the face.



If only it was colored up… :star_struck:

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it is legit, but that isn’t the actual final design.

As you can see there are differences from what it was going to be from what it turned into.

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Well, no, I didn’t think it would be since sculpts like that are usually done in the conceptual phase of production.



I’m gonna dig this thread up because I haven’t seen this screenshot before, and, uh…look familiar, guys?

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It looks very familiar, but I believe that is a new MUTO. I would be completely happy to be wrong, though!

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Confirmed that the trailer monsters are not Toho monsters



New titans are going to rise up once King Ghidorah defeats Godzilla during their first fight. Those are the creatures I think they’re showing in the trailer.

Then of course they’ll fight again and this time Mothra will sacrifice herself to essentially supercharge Godzilla so he can defeat the dragon.

Movie is pretty predictable, but I’mma love it anyway! Plus, in the press release for Godzilla Vs Kong is reads…

In a time when monsters walk the Earth

Pretty sure they aren’t just talking about the biggies, but all the other titans that will rise up in this movie.



Gonna talk a bit about a potentially big spoiler from a leaked script I saw that has been decided to be fairly legitimate by the community based on trailer footage. Warning obviously.

Godzilla actually starts off defeating Ghidorah in the first fight between them, but is weakened when a group of humans use the Oxygen Destroyer on him. Yes, the Oxygen Destroyer may make an appearance, and the post-credits tease is supposed to be a Destoroyah crab. I hope, just a little bit, that it’s true, since Destoroyah is my favorite kaiju. After Godzilla, of course. Mothra dies. Rodan lives. Burning Godzilla will probably show up in this film at the very end but not fully confirmed or just something in reference to Burning Godzilla. Ghidorah’s death is pretty gruesome - Godzilla bites one of his heads off and eats it iirc, while the rest of Ghidorah’s body melts away from the sheer heat of Godzilla. Overall, if these spoilers are true, it’s gonna be a damn good movie. I just hope the acting and writing will match the synopsis. There’s going to be a LOT of fighting in this one from the looks of it, no cut-away crap that 2014 pulled. It just makes me more excited for it.

Edit: My next cake day and of course I’m discussing Godzilla :sweat_smile: