Godzilla: King of the Monsters (trailer)


Godzilla was doing that before Michael bay was even born (literally).
For someone like me who has seen a majority of the Godzilla films, this is film more like some of my favorite Goji films. GMK (Giant Monsters All Out Attack), Tokyso SoS, Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster (what the new one is based off), etc.

I can understand why others would think what you’re thinking, and it isn’t wrong, but it’s more Godzilla goodness for me.


My thoughts as well. We had our intro, and I don’t want two more movies that essentially repeat Godzilla but swapping him out for Mothra or Rodan even though I love both of them.

Much like the OG movies, it’s time to ratchet things up.


I don’t mind having independent movies, but unlike Marvel where the characters are, characters, the kaiju act similar in a lot of ways. You can have some variation like Godzilla and Rodan being bag guys or anti heroes, Mothra and Varan being good guys or protectors, and having the situation be different. In the end though, most people want to see Godzilla films and it’s easier to have a Godzilla film and introduce a new kaiju in it than it is to do a whole universe.

Though Toho did announce they are going to try that.


I don’t know that more independent monster movies are as viable as a kaiju brawl movie. King Kong was an exception I think.
Not on a national scale, at least.


Probably not. I believe Toho is going to try it, going back to what they did in the Showa era. (Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan all starting independently before joining up) We’ll see, I do think villains like Battra was a better villain for just Mothra and Megagurius for Rodan.


I’m already aware. I’m just stating I prefer the more grounded take that say the 2014 and OG one took (and the 2016 one).


I am all for a big brawl movie. Independent Kaiju films is way too much like Marvel, and would make the franchise stale! Too much work for too little payoff, it’s better to introduce them all here and now and give us the fight we are waiting for instead of just hyping us up for a fight with a clear cut “villain” Kaiju and Godzilla, who we KNOW will live through this one.

Besides, Legendary only has the rights until Godzilla v. Kong is done. Anything after that is unknown right now.


It depresses me that this is exactly what Toho is doing now.


Yes. It’s very sad that they dropped Shin for a new universe. However, I’m going to be optimistic and say that it will probably be in the vein of Showa and Heisei, where it is a series of battles Godzilla will partake in, which I am not as averse to.


Well of course. I am definitely hyped about giant monster fighting time. But at the cost of Shin, it is less glorious.

It’s not like they weren’t gonna make monster fighting movies anyways. That’s kind of all they do. The cinematic universe thing just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


Well, to be honest, it was a thing they did with the first and second series. Destroy All Monsters was the first “Avengers” film, in a spiritual sense.


Well sure. But that didn’t establish a whole universe. It just drew from all the things and threw them together magnificently.

But they plan on doing it the same way Marvel did, with solo film introductions for a lot of the main kaiju. Granted, this might mean Rodan, Mothra, Gamera, etc might get their own movies where they save the day, it will be long and drawn out.


Ah, I see. I went back and read the interview. It might indeed get dragged out, but it’ll be interesting to see some brand new monsters from Toho. The MUTOs were there in 2014, but we haven’t had a legit new kaiju in the Godzilla franchise since Megaguirus in 2000 (unless you counter “Keizer Ghidorah” as separate from “King Ghidorah.” I feel they’re the same, Ghidorah is Ghidorah).


Gamera is not a Toho monster, so it is a slim chance Toho will make a movie for him.


I keep forgetting that. I dunno why. Probably the 3rd time you’ve reminded me.


If the movies are giod then I won’t mind, but they’ll need to take some different angles at each Kaiju to make it interesting.
In Marvel you have your Ant Man, Spiderman, GOTG as comedies; Captain America Black Panther, and Doctor Strange as your serious stories, and then Avengers for the big team ups.
With the kaiju, they’ll need to find ways to have each kaiju fill a niche. You don’t need Rodan destroying everything buly itself if Godzilla does that, and you don’t need King Ceasar protecting the Earth if Mothra already does that.
My guess is a small handfull of hero kaiju will get long running series with appropriate villains and sidekicks for them. So Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra coupd be the only series starting out, each introducing characters in their series. Battra in the Mothra series, Megaguirus in the Rodan series, etc.
Tbh I don’t know what other kaiju could stand alone in a series, we’ll see when Toho announces more concrete plans I suppose.
Tl;dr: Pointless tangent


Basically exactly what Sirkeksalot said

I feel “Expanded universes” are going to become “the thing”- Largely because of the success Marvel has had with it. Once they proved it could be successful, notably so- A lot of other studios began working on their own “Expanded” universes. Most are just plans- Universals expanded monster universe for example hasnt really gone anywhere

But DC had a superman film and went YEUP! We want a piece of that pie!

And jumped right on in immediately with the justice league, without any of the setup that marvel used to make what they have now.

And its doing terribly.

I worry they MAY be doing the same thing with godzilla. Hey, we made a so-so godzilla movie- (500ish million against an alleged budget of 160 million. Nothing to scoff at, but hardly record setting either), lets go ALL OUT WITH THE COMPLETE MONSTER MASH UP FILM

Now I agree that city tall monsters dont exactly need a lot of “character development”- But I still cant help but be doubtful that it wont be a lot to juggle right off the bat with relatively little practice. These arent nameless monsters for the titular monster to slaughter- These are monsters who, in the past- have all relatively had their individual conflicts with godzilla be enough to fill a movie. With some examples being characters before they even saw the screen together. Putting them all on screen RIGHT NAO, feels like it COULD be rushed.

And my biggest fear is that its rushed “cuz we want expanded universe!”

It MAY be awesome. And like i said- I hope it is. Who doesnt like giant monsters wrecking things? (And ill still probably see it for this reason alone lol)

Im just skeptical / concerned- and am waiting to pass judgement. Its hard for me to get hyped when theres been basically nothing to build up to this for me.


Actually, Rodan never was a titular antagonist for Godzilla. He fought Godzilla fairly evenly in Ghidorah’s premiere movie, and then got absolutely destroyed in Heisei (Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2) and Millennium (Final Wars).

Ghidorah, for all his roles in the Godzilla franchise, has only been the sole monster for Godzilla to fight once, in Heisei. In Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster it was Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan vs Ghidorah, Invasion of Astro Monster was Godzilla and Rodan vs Ghidorah, Godzilla vs Gigan featured Ghidorah alongside Gigan, then he got gang attacked in Destroy All Monsters. 1v1’d Godzilla in Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, fought him in GMK and then Kaiser Ghidorah fought him in Final Wars.

I know it’s nitpicking but I wanted to point it out.

Edit: Something else I thought of is that giving each monster in King of the Monsters their own fight with Godzilla would cause issues. A Godzilla vs Mothra and Godzilla vs Rodan for Monsterverse would really only serve as filler for what it’s actually leading up to, since we’d know that both of those theoretical films would pretty much have to follow the same plot so that neither Mothra or Rodan die before its time to fight Ghidorah. I can understand the concern, because BvS and Justice League sucked so much, but that’s because for a superhero universe you would want the individual movies for each character, so you could see them grow and develop, be introduced to their personalities before getting into the meat of some big event. You wouldn’t want that for monsters. You’d want to see some awesome action and some awesome kills. You wouldn’t get that with an individual vs Mothra or vs Rodan film. It is both financially and artistically a better choice to go straight to the Ghidorah brawl where a meaningful fight and likely some meaningful kaiju deaths are going to be had. Even if the film is bad, it’s not going to be bad because Rodan and Mothra didn’t get their own films.

Also, I know I already said this, but the Godzilla franchise has already done what MCU has done. The Showa series, the first of all the Godzilla series, basically had its ‘Avengers’ style crossover in Destroy All Monsters. MCU definitely popularized it, but if any franchise has its roots in bringing monsters together fast, it’s Godzilla.


Estimated sizes of the KOTM kaiju, Mothra and Ghidorah are speculated designs as far as I know.

And estimations with the other legendary monsters.


King Kong has a lot of growing to do… Though I think he might be a smidge bigger than that based on the movie.

Just a small bit though.