Godzilla: King of the Monsters (trailer)


Good grief I want this movie to go well so we will get Mecha King Ghidorah. I mean yeah, MechaGodzilla is awesome but LOOK AT THIS FUCKING THING !


Goosebumps. So glad to have followed this franchise since I was a little kid. Love it so, so much.


I will happily keep watching Godzilla movies until the 100 year anniversary and beyond.



Dont think im too hyped for this one sadly- And i REALLY wanted to be.

This feels entirely like DCs equivalent of “We made a luke warm superman movie. lets jump into justice league!”


what does that even mean


No, I feel this isn’t that unnatural a transition. You do not need a Marvel style worldbuilding strategy for each monster. That would get boring and repetitive. We already had two good films in Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island, and the other monsters, Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah are all fairly recognizable.

You have to remember that these are giant monsters; we do not need to be introduced to them, their personality, etc. because they aren’t relatable like superheroes. I think the genres, outside of ‘summer blockbuster,’ hardly compare to one another.


He’s saying it looks too much like they’re jumping into the big crossover without going into the world and its characters more. The Avengers was preceded by numerous films establishing the MCU and the heroes of the film. Justice League got a couple films for Batman and Superman (excluding the previous Nolan films, but who cares, FUCK BATMAN) and THEN the DCU got films for Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Personally, I don’t think the Avengers approach works with kaiju. Human characters can interact with one another and we can relate to them. Animal characters are, well…animals. We can’t hear them speak and they won’t try to be heroes or whatever; they’ll act as animals in the wild just following their instincts. There’s no reason to give Ghidorah his own film because his identity as a character doesn’t warrant it.


I mean this movie may as well as be a reboot of the first ghidorah movies. There already was a movie(s?)with the 4 monsters which is why I don’t understand how its some big crossover when it already kinda was in the beginning.


Well, it’s just because Mothra and Rodan were initially their own thing and then they were part of the Tohoverse kaiju roster, which had become a thing by the time the first “crossover” happened, kinda like how Justice League wasn’t a thing before Batman, Superman, etc. were their own things. Still, I get your point and you’re right to say it’s not really a fair analogy.


His spikes look like maple leafs again ^^;;


They’re meant to look like his original scutes! :smiley:

I always saw them as upside down christmas trees but I guess maple leaves is a better analogy :S




That poster is stunning. :open_mouth:

My reaction to the trailer, especially when Gozilla’s breath goes into the clouds and turns into a beautiful moth:

Still, it’s giant monsters. I will watch it.


The MacMan lives!


Drugs? Weird phrasing imo


Literally describing the scene transition. :wink:


The thing that has me popping eyes is…maybe two Rodans? Or Mothra meeting up with Rodan?

See that thing in the sky? Off in the distance? That is either another Rodan or Mothra. Way too big to be a human craft.


The way I figured it, they were all on the same “team” to stop Ghidora. Makes sense to me that they would meet up at one point. Maybe mothra showed the humans where they were and how to wake them up, after they revived it.


But still, the atomic breath turns into a beautiful moth.
Nee Godzilla power confirmed)
@GoGoGoliath I’m decently sure that’s a plane as I think we see the same craft towards the end where Ghidorah is in the shadows.


The whole “team up to take on the big baddie” seems too Michael bay. The direction of the shots also don’t seem as grounded as Edwards was, too many angles from the same height as the monsters. Doesn’t give the same feel. That and the inclusion of way too many monsters, it’s going to end up bloating the film if done incorrectly.

Don’t mean to sound negative, just my first impressions.