Godzilla: King of the Monsters (trailer)


Fair point.

Also respectfully disagree with this. Theme of the movie was to let nature sort itself out. Everything the humans did to try and slow or destroy the threat only worsened the situation. The nuke, the containment of the male MUTO. Only when all the humans did was go in to try and clean up their own mess and retrieve the nuke did things take a turn for the better.

You could argue the message is flawed since Ford still helped Godzilla by destroying the nest, but for the most part, the human actions aren’t inconsequential, they just aren’t beneficial.

Edwards himself claimed the MUTOs were meant to be the consequences of climate change due to man-made actions. In

Edit: I still agree that human characters are shit, I just disagree that their actions were inconsequential


How to fix Godzilla 2014
Ford dies, and Bryan’s character joins Monarch instead.
Fill in the blanks after that, but lets a powerful actor lead instead of Aaron. Also has a more science edge to it and expands on Monarch more.


For real, though. Bryan’s character was way more emotionally invested than Ford was. Definitely would have been better on the whole for the film.


The entire story with his wife, father, him talking to other members of the military, flying around in a plane, his transition in Hawaii, all useless. Just story that didn’t add anything and could have been condensed into 3 scenes instead of 1.5 hours.

The only truly helpful things he did was burn the nest and push the nuke into the ocean. That was like the last 10 minutes of the movie. What about the other 2 hours everyone spent either gawking at one of the monsters or giving us exposition that ultimately ended up being explained more simply anyways?

I didn’t say the actions were inconsequential. Just that the humans are. Could have swapped the personalities of all the characters, changed the cast, and giving them similar actions would have net the same exact result.

Humans fuck up, monsters fuck back, humans make it worse, then godzilla saves the day. All the in-betweens with the characters meant nothing to me. All the major plot points could have been different people, and it would be the same thing because none of them are unique.

Bryan was the only human that did anything unique and he died in short order. (Though if I’m being honest, all he did was warn some people. They would have found out bad shit was coming either way )


It was all a race back to San Francisco, he was trying to get there before the monsters could. I don’t think it was useless, but perhaps it was a poor means of following the monsters to San Francisco. That being said, the family is meant to give personal risk to the main protagonist as well as the greater risk to the world. I do think that could have been done better though, the kid was entirely a wasted character that meant nothing. The wife could have been pregnant and virtually everything could be the same but without wasting Olsen’s character as much for the stupid little kid.

Regarding exposition, you have me there. But, man, who WOULDN’T gawk a bit at a lumbering behemoth you have never seen before? At least before you started running, that is.

Ford I don’t see how you could change or replace him without dramatically altering the story. His family could be. Other than that, yeah, you had army admiral guy, Serizawa as the reasonable one, and…the other folks. Man, I don’t remember that many characters from 2014 now that I think about it. They are fairly forgettable.

Edit: on a side note, I very much dislike little kids in my monster movies, and Ford’s kid is a prime example.


The issue with this is that the army was going there anyways.

He could have easily been on station at a base and been mobilized as a member of the bomb squad, like he was to begin with. His family could be cut out entirely and he could be on duty to basically the same result. In fact, he got in the train with the nuke because he was a trained explosive expert.

His whole involvement in the story (that has any relation to the monsters) is that he knows how to handle the specific timer on the nuke they had.

My point exactly.

I wish more Godzilla movies had good “holy fuck that is a several hundred foot monster” scenes. Maybe I’m just spoiled on ShinGoji, though.

The only thing I remember about his kid is him pointing out the “dinosaurs” on the TV. And remembering the great opportunity they wasted there by not transitioning to a minor fight between the Male Muto and Godzilla.


I can deal with poor human characters in my monster films, I’ve dealt with them in many Godzilla movies.
But they had an opportunity for a very short fight there to satisfy us for a short time and hint at what is to come.


Naw, but he was racing to San Francisco BECAUSE his family is there. Yes, he would have gotten there regardless of if there was or was not but the urgency was that there were personal stakes in it instead of just global ones.

Whether you think that was done poorly or alright is up to you.


Yes, the Hawaii fight was a completely lame moment to cut from.

Humans are necessary in monster movies because we need something to relate to. I love Godzilla but I don’t find him particularly relatable. Issue is that often the characters wind up being mediocre haha


Of course we need them. Humans are absolutely necessary. Sometimes they are just done really badly.

On the bright side, the humans in the new one seem to actually DO things. They see the world is in danger and decide to not nuke it. From what I saw, the humans were the ones who woke up the other Monsters - Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan.

The first good thing humans as a whole have done in an American Godzilla movie.






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From what I’ve heard their is an organization that thinks the monsters will reset the world from humanity’s mistakes, you hear some of that in the trailer.



  • More than the big 4 monsters.
  • Ghidora heads all have different personalities and roars


Also, this was fun.


I’ve read of some leaks, and while I won’t say what they are here cause potential spoilers, I have to say I hope the leaks aren’t true because then it would be a lot of cool cameos and not much else. (And some other weird things)
Leaks are easy to find on the r/Godzilla subreddit if you want to find them.




I haven’t watched this movie in goddamn years but this is all I can think about whenever I read that tagline


Someone earlier said godzilla is different looking from the 2014 version. I can’t tell. What’s different?


Mostly just the back plates being changed to be more maple leaf styled (with some hard edge 2014 still there) to match a more traditional Godzilla look.