Godzilla: King of the Monsters (trailer)


I died…

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Long live the king, baby!


My body was ready years ago, it doesn’t want to wait another year! :sob:


I need 2019 so bad right now.


I enjoy that Eleven is in the movie :smiley:


She really is a top notch actress.


Jeez, Mothra and Ghidora look like they’re 5x bigger than they used to be. I like it a lot.


Monarch Designation: Mothra

Classification: Titanus Mosura

Nature: Unknown

Body Height: 52ft

Wingspan: 803ft


Monarch Designation: Rodan

Classification: Titanus Rodan

Nature: Bio-Volcanic

Body Height: 154ft

Wingspan: 871ft

Behavior: Destroyer

Range: Worldwide

King Ghidorah
Monarch Designation: Monster Zero

Classification: UNKNOWN

Nature: Bio-Electrical

Body Height: 521ft

Wingspan: UNKNOWN



Yeah, those are definitely way bigger. Especially Mothra holy fuck. And Ghidora dwarfs Godzilla now, instead of being just a bit taller by virtue of long necks.

I think Rodan got shorter, but has much larger wingspan now. As it should be.




Really don’t like the direction the film is going in, atleast from the trailer. Also, “Titans” sound dumb. I much prefer the grounded realistic take that Gareth took.


Please elaborate, I’m interested


The current look of Godzilla isn’t all that different from the design in Gareth’s. It just has more traditional scutes.


I think he’s talking movie story, not design


Mothra and Rodan are much bigger than Showa versions.

Ghidorah is, like, 100 feet taller than his Heisei edition. Not terribly larger.

I wonder if Godzilla got bigger from his 355 height in 2014? Still, he’s around 700-800 feet long so it’s not like he’s lacking in size in comparison to the others, barring Ghidorah.


Even still, the canon promotional comic for Godzilla 2014 stated that Earth had once been dominated by megafauna (tbh love the ring of that word, thanks Evolve) so having remnants lying around is not that unrealistic if the MUTOs and Godzilla managed to survive.

We are realistically talking about less than a dozen Kaiju in the world, and with the exception of skullcrawlers they were all unique individuals so it’s not like they’re procreating.


Showa: 250 metersMOT[11], 135 metersMvG-GvSM
Heisei: 175 metersGvM, 50 metersRoM
Millennium: 75 metersGMK, 108 metersGMMG, 216 metersGFW
MonsterVerse: ~244.75 meters[10]

Showa: 50 meters[3][4]
Heisei: 70 meters[3][4]
Millennium: 100 meters[4]
MonsterVerse: ~46.94 meters[5]
Wingspan Showa: 120 meters[3][4]
Heisei: 150 meters[3][4]
Millennium: 200 meters[4]
MonsterVerse: ~265.48 meters[5]

King Ghidorah
Showa: 100 meters[6],
Heisei: 150 meters[1][7][6][8][note 1],
60 metersRoM3[3]
Millennium: 50 meters[9][10][11][note 2]
MonsterVerse: ~158.8 meters[12]
Wingspan Showa: 150 meters[6]
Heisei: 175 metersGvKG[6][note 3],
80 metersRoM3[13]
Millennium: 93 meters (Thousand-Year-Old Dragon)[11][10]


I know all of these you silly Billy :stuck_out_tongue:


Others might not, not everyone is a long time Godzilla fan.


Honestly I would rather strongly disagree with the assertion, then. The 2014 Godzilla had kind of a shit story. 90% of what the humans do is completely irrelevant to the monsters.

The only important thing that any human does is start the engine of a boat. The rest of the major problems (nuking a city, fueling MUTO eggs) are because the humans goofed. That’s terrible, compared to most of the other movies. Those things also add basically no difference. Godzilla could have destroyed both of those either way

Not only that, but almost the entire cast is just a series of inconsequential characters that add nothing. I didn’t give a damn about a single one of them, and none of their motivations made made any tangible difference. They could have been different people doing different things and it would have ended up more or less the same.