Godzilla Goliath Skin?


Hey i was thinking that a Godzilla skin on the Goliath would be pretty awesome since he breaths fire and all. I think it could be easily adapted :smiley:


in what universe has godzilla a fire breath? its not a dragon…
anyway, godzilla does not hide, godzilla does not get hunted. godzilla is the danger!


Godzilla always had a “fire breath” or rather an atomic breath that looked like blue or green fire.


All of them


thats not fire.


This was actually brought up the other night while grouped in a game with @MacMan

And he talked briefly about it and some other possibilities…

And being a huge Star Wars Fan that I am, and apparently @Chloe is too, a Rancor skin would be epic too or something from that universe…But that is a very far fetched notion I’d say


I’m sure if Turtle Rock is open to modding then these skin will get made by some awesome fan


If Godzilla doesn’t use his atomic breath in a movie, then it isn’t a Godzilla movie. It’s a Zilla movie.