Godzilla game character rosters


Heres destroy all monsters melee

cut characters biollante ive heard not sure if true but cut due to size
Version exclusive mecha godzilla 3 on xbox and Japan
save the earth

cut features not sure

cut characters king kong zilla it is said zilla became krystalak and king kong obsidius hedorah model was unable to work
version exclusive battra and showa gigan ps2


I hope they make a new Godzilla game at some point Save the earth was the best.



your in luck :wink:
one is coming to the US THIS SUMMER
but not as good as DAMM or STE


Too bad I have an Xbox :frowning:




so is this like Destroy All Monsters Melee


I have a wii u and xbox one so im stuck with godzilla unleashed wii version


I think damm had the best combat
ste had best health system
unleashed has the best roster


Yeah :slight_smile: it looks very similar


Oh the ps4 version is gonna have online? Damn. I imported the japanese one but its hard to play since I cant read japanese. Only imported because I found out that the english ps3 version is only a download. Guess I’ll go pick up the ps4 version for whenever I get a ps4.
The game on single player plays more like Godzilla Generations (Dreamcast launch title, japanese only) where you run around and destroy cities, although you fight monsters from the history of the shows.

Also the Wii version of Godzilla Unleashed has varan instead of battra and HORRIBLE controls. I went out and bought the ps2 version and a multitap so I can play 4 player with that version, thats how bad it is.


In damm the ai would get annoying tiny fire beams when you pick up something and it would just steal all the powers that spawn aka health


Super stoked for this game! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why PlayStation… ;-;


Japanese creation, Japanese originated, so therefore it is only available for Japanese best-selling console(s).


I guess I have the movie to look forward to…


This game needs Biollante or I riot!


I’m pretty sure it does. I don’t have a pic otherwise I’d post it :confused:


Nevermind, here’s video :smile:


I expect lots and lots of gameplay videos from all of you!