Godzilla Anime - 'Godzilla; Monster Planet'!


I think the idea behind the fucky timeline was to kinda show the problem with space travel.

Traveling at light speed, or whatever their ‘warp’ equivalent was, causes the ship to experience time more slowly while it was traveling. This would pretty much do what the movie suggests. I believe they said it had been 200 years on the ship, but 20k on earth.

If I recall, they were going for Godzilla being a very big “wrath of nature” kinda creature. If they don’t destroy nature (or attack him directly), he would probably leave them alone.


I don’t think it was 200 years. More like, 20.
The main character was a kid when they left Earth, and also the warp they had showed the warp itself is quick for them.



Huh. I don’t know where I got 200 from. Appreciate the correction


Official Trailer for 2nd movie is out.


Isn’t Godzilla way bigger than he was when they tried to use Mechagodzilla?


Yep. I think the plan is to try and rebuild him bigger since the nanometal used for Mechagodzilla is being used by the tribal people, I think?

I’m excited for the film. It looks way more exciting than the last one. Godzilla Earth looks like Shin Godzilla with that red/black/purple combo!


I still think its a lesson in futility. :slight_smile:


New godzilla is 300 meters tall. The last one they saw was closer to 100, if I remember (or maybe it was 50). So it’s a little bigger lol.

But yeah, the humans are probably gonna win because plot. And I am a big fan of mecha stuff, so I’m excited to see how they do it.


They better not win. That’s literal blasphemy.


I saw this movie a few months ago at a friend’s house. I dunno. I mean honestly I felt like the fight with small Godzilla was kinda short. Wish it longer. It was pretty funny at the end though. Haruo was like wtf is that. I would like to see the sequel. Maybe some new monster rises. Idk. Not all that familiar with Japanese mythology.


Hey guys, been awhile! Just wanna drop my two cents on the currently growing anime franchise for our big guy.

Regarding the first movie, it’s a very good foundation for what can be possible, now whether the next two are good will determine if this first one is as good as it should be. As it is, it’s plays out exactly like a foundation movie is expected, can’t complain too much. Animation was nice, weakest links were only characterization, but I know they’ll get better overtime.

From the second trailer, I’m excited to see a possible Mothra appearance and see the new Mechagodzilla in action, alongside the new Vulture Mechs!

As I said before, I’m gonna wait to see all three side by side before I make a proper, final judgement as I feel like these movies as individuals can’t truly be rated. But, that’s simply my opinion!

Straying off from the anime, we’re nearing a possible tease for Godzilla: King of the Monsters soon, which is exciting.

Straying farther away, I saw Pacific Rim: Uprising and Ramapge the same day, and I found myself a big fan of Rampage more. What about you guys?

#LizzievsGodzilla #RalphvsVaran :wink:


Sounds like the movie is kinda MEH with a side of, part 2 can be so much better with just a few tweaks.


And here’s 2nd Trailer


That one looks like it’ll have a bit more action than the first. Sweet.


So the third movie is called Godzilla: Planet Eater and apparently will feature King Gidorah.