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Godzilla Monster Planet now has a website!


Thanks for the update!



It’s says “Godzilla’s tail”. That’s how long his tail is by itself.


Compare this shot

To this shot

Or this shot

Even if you uncurl G’14’s tail, it’s not nearly as long as Shin Godzilla’s is. Shin puts an enormous curve in its tail, and its still big enough to rival his height, which is already taller than G’14’s, and still often has enough to spill out a little more.

But let’s take the benefit of the doubt and assume that that measure really does only apply to the tail.

Here’s a pic of Godzilla 2014 from the back. G’14 still being hunched over, the tail begins about a third to four-tenths of the way up to his body. So at max, he’s only about 700-800 feet long as opposed to Shin Godzilla’s 1000+.

Here’s another shot for perspective

Shin’s tail starts between a fifth to a quarter of the wa up his full body height. We can tell from this shot that in the model, the tail bends away from the camera a bit; it would be about 1.5 times longer than Shin Godzilla is tall.

Fan-made comparisons of Shin’s body.

Pretty accurate figure made by X-Plus.

Legendary X-Plus for comparison.


All of the Legendary pics have their tails curved. Two of the pics aren’t working where I’m at.


Same with Shin. Shin’s tail is curved more and its still longer.


I have both X-Plus figures, and they are actually pretty close in size when it comes to length. I also have the MonsterArts of LPG and Shin, and while the paint and sculpt may not be accurate, the size is.


That’s because the X-Plus figure of Legendary I linked is 12 inches tall, while the X-Plus figure of Shin is only 10 inches tall.

That same figure of Legendary is 17.75 inches long, whilst the Shin figure is a whopping 19.6. In metric terms, Shin is 5 centimeters shorter, but still 5 centimeters longer.

Even when he’s shorter, Shin is still longer.

Now compare those to the actual sizes. Godzilla 2014 is 355 feet tall. Shin Godzilla is just a hair short of 389 feet tall. Shin’s tail starts lower on Shin Godzilla’s body, still rivals his height and has enough to keep going. Legendary Godzilla’s tail starts higher, right about at the hip, and Godzilla 2014 and barely matches the height of a hunched G’14. Shin Godzilla by far has the larger volume between the two.


Alright, here’s my math-tacular comparison.

Here is the 12 inch NECA Godzilla 2014.

Assuming all proportions are correct, and in order to maximize his potential length, the bottom of his tail connects around his waste, at his thigh. This is about a third of his full height.

355/3 = 118.33

Now, the only way you could have gotten 900-1000 feet in length is by adding Godzilla’s raw height to the length measurement of the tail given by Legendary. Assuming the measurement Legendary gave was only for the tail, then what you did was add his head-to-toe height of 355 to his tail length of 550.33 which gives you 905.33 feet. Just barely over the 900 meter mark, and still over 100 less than Shin Godzilla’s full length of 1092.52 feet.

But in actuality, the real answer would be Head/Toe Height + Tail Length - Space shared between head/toe height and tail.

Substitute the numbers for variables. 355 + 550.33 - 118.33 = 787 feet long from his head to the tip of his tail. You can add another dozen feet to that number if you want a nose-to-tip of tail number, and that pushes it to barely under 800 feet, but it’s still considerably less than Shin Godzilla’s full length.

As I said earlier, Shin Godzilla’s full length from head to the tip of his tail is an astounding 1092.52 feet. It really isn’t that hard to see why when you look at pictures of him.

It’s a crude way to calculate it, but that’s a pretty reasonable estimate for his maximum potential length without being super nitpicky and detailed about it, as there obviously isn’t a strong volume formula that could accurately calculate just how much space he takes up without speculating on radius of the tail, the rate of decrease in the radius, increase in the body, etc. etc.

We could apply the same calculation to Shin, but we have no official tail length for him.

The dimensions for Shin were released on fusetter


The heights match up, as far as official sources go, so I would say this is a reliable source on Shin Godzilla’s full size.

TL;DR - Rough, crude estimation, done such that it maximizes G’14’s length, puts him at the high 700’s range, at 787-799 feet long, that is, if we’re assuming Legendary really did only mean the tail. Official sources for Shin Godzilla put him at 333 meters long, which is 1092.52 feet long. Even giving G’14 as much benefit of the doubt as we can, he’s still 293.52-305.52 feet shorter in full length from head to tail.




Couldn’t find it in English, but at least there’s cool art to see!


Anyone watch it? Also yes I am necroing it, but hey the anime was released so good time to bring the topic back.


I’ve seen it three times since the release and plan on seeing it at least two more times during the weekend.


I know Snek has seen it, but has anyone else?

I have to say I was EXTREMELY disappointed, in fact I was so bored I fell asleep in the middle. The tropes were strong in this movie and the idea they had to kill Godzilla was fucking laughable. Attack his dorsal fins?!? Wat?!

I felt like 90% of the movie was technosplanation of where they are and how they got there. Then there’s the part where they have been gone for 10K years, but somehow this is 20K years in the future?

Maybe I fell asleep for that part, it’s possible.

I see no reason to continue watching the other 2 parts.

and that epilogue…I just…it was so obvious that it was coming but how do people survive on a planet with that much radiation?


I believe this first movie was simply setup. Exposition and explanation for the world they’re building up to.

I was similarly disappointed in the quality and content of the movie, but I absolutely want to see where they take it. Little bit of bias lol, but I also think that, despite the fact that it was not really good, part 1 did set things up well for the rest to be excellent.

Just gotta wait and see.


You let me know how that goes. :wink:


I watched it and generally enjoyed it. I agree it was a bit slow and was also confused by the timeline they were presenting, but I am a sucker for giant monsters no matter what. :smiley: One of the things I thought the DID do a good job on was conveying good sense of awesome scale in the shot choice and VFX. That stuff is hard to do right.


What I gathered from the timeline was that when they use the ship, they experience a very short amount of time, but time passed a long time around them.
I believe they said that with what they did in terms of space travel, they arrived back to Earth 20,000 years after the initially left. So somehow people are still living on a planet Godzilla has dominated for 20K years.


I think those people just left Godzilla and the Servum alone. They knew that they were too weak to fight back, so they were hoping that if they left Godzilla alone, he would not attack. If they have MechaGodzilla active (It’s been confirmed that MG will be returning in the sequel), then most likely the remaining humans have some sort of radiation filter.