Godzilla Anime - 'Godzilla; Monster Planet'!


Guilty pleasure, I’m not a big Godzilla fan but I LOVED the animated series. My favorite monster was El Gusano Gigante.


Going to be completely honest, I never did read the comics, so I’ll definitely go look around now and check it out!


I think trying to make Godzilla to big to fast is the wrong way to go about things. Size isn’t everything, It’s how you present Godzilla that’s the deciding factor in how good it will be.


The one that featured Zilla Jr?

You’re miss out. Here’s a list of must reads from yours truly :wink:

  • Godzilla: Half Century War
  • Godzilla: Rulers of Earth (This one is a liiiittle hammy, but a shitton of kaiju fights)
  • Godzilla: Cataclysm
  • Godzilla in Hell
  • Godzilla: Rage Across Time

@Hal0 You should see my Shin Godzilla 2 idea higher in the thread here and tell me what you think :smiley:


The title of the fourth bullitpoint down makes me wonder what the creators of the comic were smoking.


Yesssss, Lil’ Zilla. It was such feels when he fought Mecha Godzilla, his mom/dad.


It’s actually an incredible comic. Only one issue has any words and its narration. The rest are silent. 5 issues.

Cyber-Zilla was an interesting twist.


You actually had a good plot line going there for a sequel and i wouldn’t mind actually seeing it, however as Dumpling replied to you there will have to be some Godzilla screen time.



I want him to break out before the second act ends. Don’t worry :wink:


I still don’t think I’ve seen every episode. I’ve tried to find them all but to no avail.


Not a lot of people talk about it anymore. It’s mentioned in passing now and then.


When people say animated Godzilla, this is the one that pops up in my head.

I watched this as a kid.


Good, funky memories


I seen that one too.


#Forty stories tall!


Legendary is actually almost Shin’s length. He’s around 900-1000 feet long. What I think is throwing people off is that we only got the stats for the tail length, not his full length.

As for the MP Godzilla’s size, I’d be fine with 100+ meters for height.


Legendary themselves state their Godzilla is 550 long, which seems about right, if you pause the movie right where G’14 kills the Male MUTO. The tail nearly doubles his total length, we know his height is 355.

There’s no way he’s almost 1000.


@GoGoGoliath I am curious can you give me pictures of all of Shin’s forms in a PM or something?


Rewatching Godzilla 2014.

Fun fact: Given the nuke timer’s initiation, the battle between Godzilla and the MUTOS could have been up to an hour long in their world.