Godzilla Anime - 'Godzilla; Monster Planet'!


Story begins a few years after the events of Shin Godzilla.

Japan has successfully established itself as a stronger world power, though not the strongest. But as with all things ‘movie,’ shit has to go wrong, so here’s my little science experiment.

The JSDF has built a major military complex around the frozen body of Shin Godzilla. Spotlights all over his body, particularly his tail, because as things turn out, the humanoids are slowly dropping off, one by one, off of Godzilla’s tail. (I believe they are slowly coming off because we do not see them when Godzilla is initially frozen, and it is also implied that freezing him only postponed the countdown, it did not cease it.) These hybrids are not capable of replicating Godzilla’s photon beam. Instead, they spew a stream of radioactive mist that melts whatever it touches, and in some cases causes small explosions. Sound familiar? Anywho, the hybrids are typically shot on sight by the JSDF operating the complex. Understandable, due to seeing what man has done to their ‘creator’ and the whole getting shot immediately thing, the hybrids do not have a high opinion of humanity.

So that’s a problem going on inside the complex. But there are issues outside of it, too. Several groups have been formed in the name of freeing Godzilla from his frozen prison, from political activist groups to straight up cults and sects. A lot of activist groups conduct major protests in the name of the deity of their new kaiju-religion, whilst the less “democratic” groups conduct loose or even organized assaults on the military complex, bringing things like molotovs and flares in an attempt to accelerate the thawing process (Not that it might actually work that way, but those crazy cultists!). This makes it difficult, because the feds are still breathing down JSDF’s neck not to murder any Japanese citizens with military weapons. To sum this part up, the JSDF is facing internal troubles from Godzilla’s thawing and his hybrids, whilst they’re facing external political pressure. They’re getting attacked from all sides in the occupation of Godzilla, and the government is losing their grip on the populace.

Despite the Japanese government’s best attempts, all of this domestic ruckus catches the eyes and ears of the world at large, particularly the United States. The UN ‘politely’ reminds them that if things get out of hand, they will launch the nuke at Tokyo. Countries are rapidly shutting their doors to the influx of Japanese folk fleeing the country as things get progressively worse.

That’s the most solid content I have right now. The rest of it is still on the drawing board. Thoughts?


That actually does make for an interesting movie, and I would love to see how to world adjusts and live around Godzilla. Although, the only problem would be that a majority of fans would prefer to see more Kaiju action. A good example is 2014’s movie, how I thoroughly enjoyed how they explained the story of who Godzilla is, his race, who, and what the other two M.U.T.O’s worked… but that’s usually standard expectations for Hollywood.

Although, as I’m typing this, I had an idea that would make your idea work perfectly. If you remember the live action Attack on Titan movies, they had a television series to coexist with the films. What if, since we are already getting an anime film, they made a television series based off the aftermath of Shin Godzilla? I’d love that.


I’m actually glad that 2014 didn’t have a lot of Godzilla time. He works best in small doses. Otherwise he starts to take on character traits that humanize him which I feel detracts from the message.


If 2014 has taught me anything, it’s that less is more. In addition to what CptBoomBoom said, every single moment Godzilla or the MUTOS were on screen, they felt genuinely colossal. As much as I love the TOHO originals, there are definitely times when the spectacle of Godzilla’s size and his awesome power just isn’t there, because he’s on screen literally all the time.

The same can be said for Shin Godzilla. It didn’t cut away as often as G’14, but every time Godzilla was there, you got an idea of just how truly massive he is. There’s a whole scene where he takes a casual step and the shutters on a roof shake and start falling off. The atomic breath scene goes without saying. You needn’t worry about kaiju rampages, I want my idea to have that, but quality over quantity. I want every rampage to carry significance.

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Oh no, I completely agree, trust me. It’s just that the one thing that literally hurt the movies overall success in the end was that one quote.

“The movie didn’t have the title character.”

But then again, you look at a movie like Kong: Skull Island, then everyone complains about how bad the characters are.


If anything positive can be said about G2014 it’s the character design. The MUTOs were interesting and Godzilla himself was perfectly translated to a more American audience. I just hope the scene were Godzilla tanks the KT asteroid from the awakening comic makes it into the beginning of the second film as a title sequence.


The people who say this about G’14 are pretty ignorant imo. Everybody knows who Godzilla is. Nobody knows who the MUTOs are, nobody knows how the modern military as we know it are going to respond. Those things are key and need to be established.


Not to mention that Gareth Edwards stated multiple times that he was taking the same route Jaws did, with showing Godzilla. It’s a shame that ignorance hurt it so much.

@Thedangerfloof2 - You know, I’m actually curious. Clearly with Legendary’s upcoming MonsterVerse, they are trying to go down a realistic path with the kaiju, which I actually have been enjoying.

In Godzilla, King of Monsters [ Godzilla 2 ], we’re getting Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah… now, I can totally see how Rodan can be done realistically. I can see Mothra being done, as well… although, I wonder if they’ll incorporate the Priestess [ twin fairies ]. But, how in the world can they make a three-headed, golden space dragon realistic? I personally don’t care, I’m all for some crazy ass space sequences, but I’m more worried for the overall reaction to what others are going to expect.

My only theory is they take the route GMK took, with Ghidorah being frozen, and upon awakening, isn’t at his full powers until the end; OR they can take the Heisei Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, and say that rhe dorats came from Skull Island, and - insert plot device - causes them to mutate together.


I have been summoned.

Really looking forward to this movie, or trilogy i should say. I understand that some of you may be worried about the film considering it seems like it will focus more on the humans (which it probably will), you have to remember this is going to be a trilogy so wouldn’t it be obvious that they have a go at all plot points to really get you to care for the humans and of course Godzilla.


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Which Godzilla are you in this picture?


Uh…idk. Shin, Heisei and Legendary are my faves, so you pick and I’ll just take the other one :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn same favorite Godzillas…

Well considering Legendary is bigger how about we go by our actual size as well. 5ft 7in here.


I’ll just insert myself here as the 2001 Godzilla



6 foot 3. I guess that makes me Legendary. Shin, if he was there, but he’s not :C


Speaking of size, how big do you want this incarnation of Godzilla to be.

Personally i want him to be around 120-130 meters here considering he is supposed to be the top of the ecosystem, and he did manage to kill 3 kaiju shortly after he appeared.


However big he needs to be to inspire awe. I’ve firmly said in r/GODZILLA that “Godzilla is never too big.”

In 1954 he only needed to be 50 meters.

In 2016, he needed to be 118.5 meters.

If he winds up at 150 meters in this one, as long as it shows his awesome might, he’s “big enough.”


150 would be my sweet spot. I really hope they portrait this Godzilla as an unholy being.

I want the protagonist to be desperate in wanting to kill him, but fail miserably, and secretly realize that he’s fighting up against ‘a god’ here. That’s the one thing about Shin that I loved, all the promotional mottos saying he’s ‘god incarnate’. Although, seeing as it’s 2033 by the time Godzilla is around, I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed that in this film, or maybe the second one that we see an army of G-Defense Kaiju ; Mecha-Ghidorah , M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Mechagodzilla, and Jet Jaguar. :heart_eyes:


I agree with you, however you get those little whiny babies every movie saying shit like “Why did Shin have to be bigger than Legendary, are they trying to one up America by doing so or what” and it makes things complicated.

I really like your thinking Dumpling.


You should read this.


Every fandom has bad apples. Just ignore them. Shin is only 10.5 meters taller than Legendary. He is almost twice as long though. Shin is over 1000 feet long.