Godzilla Anime - 'Godzilla; Monster Planet'!


So, here we FINALLY go, got an official poster for the upcoming Godzilla anime FILM! Also, have some nice information to go along with it.

| Voice actors |
Yuuki Kaji
Takahiro Sakurai
Mamoru Miyano
Junichi Suwabe
Kana Hanazawa
Tomokazu Sugita

| Synopsis |

The last summer of the 20th century. On that day, the human race realized that they were not the only ruler of the planet earth.

The emergence of gigantic monsters “kaiju” and the ultimate existence that even can destroy the kaijus, Godzilla. After half-century of the war against the kaijus, the human race repeatedly defeated and decided to escape from the earth. Then finally in the year 2048, only people who were chosen by the artificial intelligence under the control of the central government went on board the interstellar immigrant ship Aratrum and left for the “Cetus: Planet Tau e” which was 11.9 light years away from the earth. But the environmental condition difference between the earth and Tau e, which took 20 years to reach, was far exceeded the predicted value, and there was no way to survive for the human race.

A young man named Haruo is on board of the immigrant ship. His parents were killed by Godzilla right front of him when he was 4, since then, he has been thinking about only going back to the earth and killing Godzilla for 20 years. Since there is no hope for immigration to other planets, the “Return to the Earth” group including Haruo becomes the mainstream in the ship as its living condition is getting worse, then they decide to try the long distance hyperspace navigation.

However, 20,000 years have already passed when they finally arrive the earth, and it becomes a totally unknown world dominated by an ecosystem topped by Godzilla. Can the human race take the earth back, and the fate of Haruo will be…?

So, it sounds like our protagonist here, Haruo, is Eren Jaeger 2.0. It has a very similar sound to Attack on Titan, which I actually dont entirety mind. Any opinions, and is anyone else excited?


Considering how bland, 2 dimensional and flat out uninteresting and unmemorable he was I sincerely from the bottom of my soul hope he is not.


Haha, hopefully they work around these characters nicely, but if I’m going to be completely honest, I feel like the first segments of the film will have nice character development, and then the second half will drop most of it through death by tons of Kaiju. A man can dream xD


This seems like an awesome story. I wonder if we will see any Toho kaiju, music, or sound effects.


Actually, they just updated today with a “pre-movie” list of Kaiju who attacked the world.

1998 - Kamakuras attacks New York
2002 - Dogora appears in London
2005 - Rodan, Anguirus, and Hedorah appear in Beijing
2017 - Dagarah attacks Sydney
2022 - Orga attacks Turkey
2030 - Godzilla appears and destroys the Kaiju, and most of the human population.


Nice! Glad to see that Dagarha and Godzilla got to fight.


Yeah, I’m also REALLY excited to see Dogora and Dagarah get some new sceentime / fight time!


GODZILLA? IN AN ANIME?! Now I’m hyped!

@GoGoGoliath Get in here!


I’ve known about this since last year. :stuck_out_tongue: Waaaaay ahead of you.


The synopsis sounds like there wont be much Godzilla…


It sounds like the first half will be portioned on giving these human some characterization, whilst the other half will all be Kaiju orientated with lots of expendables.

On a good note, it was confirmed earlier today that this film is the start of a Trilogy! So, IF anything, there will be two more anime films to treat us to kaiju goodness.


We have the anime trilogy and the MonsterVerse now. I won’t be surprised if a couple of Shin sequels/prequels get released. It’s a great time to be a kaiju fan!


Is it bad that I highly dislike the idea of Shin Godzilla prequels/sequels? I feel like it should stay as a standalone, a segway for upcoming Godzilla films. I also think it should stand proudly alongside the 1954 movie, and Return of Godzilla.

I personally want them to bring back Gamera, and continue on with some new Vs movies for Godzilla. I’d pay to see a new suit for Godzilla, alongside some Kaiju like Megalon, Megaguirus, or even Jet Jaguar! We already have Ultraman going on strong, Godzilla is obviously going on strongly, so now it’s time Gamera does something!


Someone hasn’t seen the new Gamera movie trailer.


It wasn’t legitimate, it was only to a ‘fan-film’ to show off what they could do, a type of project. :’(

Unless there’s something out recently that I’m entirely oblivious to?


This one?


Yeah, unfortunately. It looked beyond amazing, but they eventually announced that it was nothing official. Made me genuinely upset.


My only worry is that I’m not getting a Godzilla vibe from what’s being shown, it looks more like a sci-fi then a Godzilla movie. I shall have to wait and see


A Shin prequel would be stupid. There is nothing meaningful a prequel could add to Shin.

The main cast has expressed a lot of interest in a sequel to Shin Godzilla. TOHO isn’t run by the guys who thought “Godzilla Raids Again” was a smart idea. Even though Anno won’t be doing a sequel, if a sequel to Shin Godzilla does rear it’s head, TOHO will probably put it into capable hands. Hell, I have a pitch for how things could be at the beginning of a sequel, if you care to hear that little idea

As for Godzilla in general, I would be optimistic. Godzilla 2014 made a fat shitton of money. Shin Godzilla made substantial money and won the Blue fucking Ribbon Award. Now we have this anime movie which is supposed to turn out as a trilogy. Depending on viewings of it, we might be in for the longest era of Godzilla since Showa, or at least the most movies in a while. Considering Post-Millenium has a projected total of 7 films, 8 if you count Kong Skull Island, and every entry so far has been good to stellar, I think Godzilla and his fans have a bright new future ahead.

######that includes yours truly!!!


I don’t even think a Prequel would be possible, considering how Godzilla practically was born within the movie timeline.

But yeah, Anno had said he was interested, and had ideas for a sequel, but admitted that he wouldn’t do it. I won’t lie, I really did enjoy the cast, so I hope Toho holds onto them for future projects, since many of the Godzilla films don’t necessarily have a set ‘universe’, you know?
If this does become the longest era for Godzilla films, I will be beyond estatic. So many opportunities can arise, I mean look, Dogoro and Dagarah are getting time in the Anime, one Kaiju that was only in the Mothra trilogy, and another Kaiju from an underrated solo movie. One day, we could see Biollante and Megaguirus team up on Godzilla, Mothra, and Jet Jaguar, or even bring in Rainbow/Armored/Aquad Mothra OR have Godzilla fight Frankenstein [ obviously Toho’s version ]. So many crazy ideas that I’d pay so much to see…

But I am curious to your idea, so sure, lemme hear!