GODZILLA 2 At 2018


Any one else excited for this


do they have a trailer for it ? im pumped. pacific rim 2 and godzilla 2. we have beauty to watch. utter beauty. …


No trailer as I know of. There is art though of the monsters


Forget 2018 (for now)
TOHO is making a new Japanese Gofzilla next year!!!
TOHO is the studio that made the original Godzilla in 1954 for those that didn’t know.


I know of both of what u just said


But will it be good though


Will it have more godzilla and less stupid army people?



10 chars


We don’t know.
All we do know is that King Ghidora, Mothra, and Rodan will be in the movie. So at least 4 monsters!
There is bound to be more monster action.


Also bear_stream is the new rodan


As long as that kid from the last one isn’t in it. most boring and useless character ever… -_-


No. :grimacing:
I would never.
@Quirkly protect my identity!


U mean the soldier guy?


Yeah -_-
Too bad his dad died. :frowning: such an interesting character, so much emotion…


The soldier kid wasn’t useless, ill say


They did emphasize the dad more in the trailer than he actually was


Useless maybe not. should have been the main focus? NO
He defuses bombs but cant defuse the nuke.
Has no character development, and hogged godzilla’s screen time


The dad should have had more prominent role in the movie


This Bear is clean yo, I mean look, he’s in a stream /thread


And who says this stream isn’t filthy, yo